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The Beach Gourmet: The Snug Harbor:

SNUG: Comfortably sheltered, cozy.HARBOR: A place of shelter, a refuge.And there we have it, a comfortable place of shelter. Hmmm, in this instance more of a refuge for those in search of nourishment. So on a bright Saturday afternoon, off I dutifully trotted (well, drove) down Wilshire Blvd. and arrived at the Snug Harbor about 2:50pm only to find the place about to close. (Note to self: Remember, the best definition of luck is preparation meets opportunity; prepare Tim, prepare!) So I returned at the worst possible time for joints of this ilk, Sunday at 10am, and after God thankfully found me a parking space just one block away (yes, parking is a challenge), I sauntered across the street to be confronted with half a dozen peeps sitting on kindly placed chairs waiting for their dates with sustenance. Following protocol, I gave my name to the busied chap who was efficiently marshalling this mini-throng. My Heavenly Father smiled on me again, because less than three minutes later the genial marshal returned to ask if I would like the end seat at the bar. Ooh! Yes please! This chophouse is SMALL, but comfortable, so I took my seat and was promptly attended to by the server with a dainty mug of regular Joe.Upon opening the menu I thought I was seeing double as I gazed upon a plethora of choices that for me was perhaps a tad too extensive given that I often have an urge to try everything. So I settled on good ol’ Huevos Rancheros (corn tortillas topped with cheese, black beans, sunny side up eggs, although they will cook to taste, guacamole and salsa). Whilst I was waiting for the nosh to materialize, I was able to observe the goings-on in the open kitchen, and it was a hive of activity, with three line cooks frenetically performing a production routine that could inspire a synchronized swimming team. If you seek a quiescent dining experience I would advise that you avoid this energetic bistro, at least on a Sunday morning. My platter arrived, and I was pleased to see that it was nicely presented with a good balance of ingredients. “Dig in” a little voice in my head said, so I did, and am happy to report that my gluttonous desires were very much satisfied with one of the best Huevos Rancheros I have experienced, thankfully light on the cheese with perfect eggs (over easy) and extra points for the breakfast potatoes which were quite delightful (Atkins diet ignored, again!). One more thing; they do serve a refreshing Arnold Palmer (iced tea w/ lemonade), but on this occasion the words of another famous Arnold come to my mind…“I’ll be back.”2323 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica, 90403 310.828.29916am-3pm daily

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