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To the Mirror:

I was absolutely stunned by the brilliant reporting of Lewis Seiler and Dan Hamburg. [“Allowing The Drug Companies To Poison Our Children,” March 30-April 5] How did these two reporters uncover the deep dark secrets of the CDC and the vaccine makers? As we watched autism grow by 6,000 percent in the last twenty years in the U.S., most of the media faithfully repeated the mantra that it was all due to “greater awareness” and “better diagnosing.”

The pharmaceutical industry is backed by the CDC in claiming that there is “no evidence of harm” from injecting our children with the second deadliest element on Earth, mercury. Few seem to realize that when they tell us that their “studies show no link between vaccines and autism,” they are not saying independent scientific research shows mercury in vaccines is safe. No one in our federal government can say that because they’ve never looked.

Introduced by Eli Lilly in 1930, thimerosal was tested only once, by Eli Lilly, on 22 adult patients suffering from meningitis. There was no chance for follow-up to observe long-term effects, as all of the patients in this “study” died. Even if follow-up had been possible, damage to the developing brains of very young children would have remained an unknown. Thimerosal was pronounced “safe” and later grandfathered in when the FDA was created. The federal government has never tested the type of mercury in vaccines for toxicity. This is an unconscionable oversight failure and we are now overwhelmed with a generation of children with neurological disorders and the medical community is left with no choice but to defend its use, even with one in every 166 children now with autism.

In his book, Evidence of Harm, journalist David Kirby points out that “many researchers had sent the company documents dating back to the 1930’s, each raising a red flag about thimerosal.” Mr. Kirby chronologically lists over 70 years of scientific research on the damaging and deadly effects of thimerosal that was willfully ignored by Eli Lilly and the CDC. (

Boyd Haley, PhD, professor of chemistry at the University of Kentucky, is an internationally known researcher and author on the damage from thimerosal. He recently criticized the vaccine safety claims of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the U.S. “Finally, I find nothing indicating any scientific credibility or knowledge within the vaccine program of the CDC. They don’t even do the rudimentary testing of vaccines for safety before mandating them on the American public. It appears to me that the vaccine aspect of the CDC is in the hands of what I call ’physician administrators,’ not knowledgeable scientists. Anyone with two neurons left to rub together could find massive intellectual holes in about everything the CDC vaccine administrators and the 2004 IOM [Institute of Medicine] committee states.”

Anne McElroy Dachel

Chippewa Falls, WI

* * * *

I was outside in back of our office Saturday night. All of a sudden I smelled this horrific stink. What could possible smell like someone defecating, pooping, going #2?

I walked around the corner and there not 15 feet from the back door of our office was a man with his pants down pooping on our back parking lot. I had walked through here carrying stuff into the building not one minute earlier. My truck was parked just the other side of this man and I now had he and his pile of poop between me and the truck I was unloading.

You are not allowed to walk a dog without picking up the poop, but here this man had a pile almost the size of a gallon coffee can and he casually says “Everyone has to go.” I told him to pick it up and instead he merely walked off.

What kind of person poops on cement and blacktop? Cats at least go in dirt and bury their stuff.

These people either should not be living in the city – they should be out like farm animals on a farm, or, the city should provide street toilets, like in Europe. If we had chemical toilets that totally and automatically washed down inside the toilet room, like the European toilets, it would provide facilities for these people. The people too sick mentally to cope with using toilets, obviously should not be on the street – they should be cared for in institutions.

Glen A. Tistaert, DDS

Santa Monica

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