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Bargain Lady Of L.A.:

On a lazy Saturday as I was cruising down Jefferson Blvd. I passed a store I had always wanted to check out – The Sofa Company. One quick, legal u-turn later and I was at the doorstep.

In 1998, three college buddies came up with the idea of offering quality contemporary designed upholstered goods to the public at manufacturer direct pricing. Hence, The Sofa Company was born. Here you’ll find solid pieces in the mid- to high quality level range; nothing is low end. Sofas start at $685, although I didn’t see one. What I did see was attention to detail and craftsmanship in sofas from classical to modern with a quality level that is superior to Crate & Barrel in most respects. However, the prices here are 30-50% below retail.

The two lines are Deluxe and Express. The major difference between the two is that the Deluxe frames are kiln dried alder wood (hard) and the Express are kiln dried pine (softer). But any model in the Express can be upgraded to alder wood for $150. With 40 different styles to choose from, and over 1000 different fabrics, you can either custom order or purchase right off the floor.

The floor and Express models had some exceptional deals, and many of the in stock models are great buys if ordered as shown. A sampling of floor models in different fabrics and styles ranged in price from $800 – $1,435. These same sofas elsewhere would run $1,200 – $2,200.

There are thousands of fabric choices in damasks, cottons, leathers, chenille, silks, micro fibers and more. You can even change the content of the pillows from poly to down or synthetic down. You also can change the sofa’s depth, length, stitching style, legs, pillows, details or add a sofa bed. Of course there are additional fees to make any changes, but to get exactly what you want is unbeatable.

My favorite was the Paige sofa. They had one in stock in a deep hunter green velvet at $1035. This 50’s inspired sofa was classic and mod all at once. I started fantasizing about purchasing it. If I upgraded to all down cushions, increased the depth a few inches and upgraded to an alder wood frame, I could get the perfect sofa for $1685 that would cost me near $3000 anywhere else. I recently saw a similar 1950’s sofa at a swank Pasadena antique store; with new upholstery the asking price was $6000. OUCH!

Any of the models here can be made into a sectional, loveseat or chair and if you order any two in a select group collection you get an additional 10% discount; any three and you save an additional 15%. Orders are usually delivered in 3-8 weeks.

Their slogan at The Sofa Company is, “You design it, and we build it in 1-2-3 easy steps! What they should add to that catchy phrase is, “For less!”

The Sofa Company

9500 Jefferson Blvd., Culver City

2314 Lincoln Blvd., Santa Monica

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