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From Mars?:

I hate the expression illegal alien. What a crude way to describe a human being, like they are from some other planet. I have always felt that the true issue behind immigrants in our country is human rights. Whatever happened to inalienable rights that all people on this planet deserve? Especially those that are picking our food, busing our tables, cleaning our homes and raising our children? Can we really discuss the word illegal when we readily pay people without providing unemployment, disability or workers compensation insurance? So much of our industry and basic lifestyle is underwritten by people we call illegal while we conveniently forget laws and rules President Theodore Roosevelt, after he left office, helped put in place nearly 100 years ago. Those laws include child labor, 40-hour work weeks, pensions, workers comp and unemployment insurance. Where is the progress in that? Does anyone really believe an immigrant to this country would be here if there were no jobs for them? We need them and they need us, so let’s cooperate with one another.

Michael Rosenthal


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