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The kettle might be lidded too tightly. A release is necessary to keep the flow of energy moving in the right direction, thus to prevent exploding. You might say the wrong thing, yell a little too loudly or hurt an unintended loved one. Release.


Focus is on time. How to not waste it, how to manage it, how to value it, how to demand it. Moderation in all things is key. Make it work within the balance. Ignore childless people who act as obstacles.


Faith can be renewed with the acceptance of the truth. Keep your strength and your wits, along with your wit. You can’t get left behind if you stay one step ahead. Do not ignore strange occurrences in the body; you never know what might be happening.


Newness and creativity helps you to improvise, adapt and overcome anything that comes your way. What you once were entranced by you are now a tad freaked out by, but nonetheless, the rule still applies: opposites attract.


Your renewed stance gives you new lenses to view the world. Clearer vision makes for sharper decisions and keeps you from holding back. You can’t worry about pleasing everyone; you will never manage it.


Organization and time management are key. Events will lead you to a point where you can no longer avoid addressing conflicts. If people are mad at you for a time, so be it; you gotta do what you gotta do.


You are an inspiration to one who wishes to be like you. You can do most anything you set your mind to do but are at a loss when it comes to being vulnerable and trusting people; you’ve been screwed over too many times.


A genius plan has you at once afraid and emboldened. Will it move you ahead or hold you back? Will you make a fool of yourself or soar? There is only one way to find out. Playing out in your head won’t do much.


What you dread may come to pass. But you can’t always refuse the call of help, especially when cried out by a loved one. You do good work; are genuine inside and out. Your generosity will be paid back to you tenfold.


We’re not as smart as we think but sometimes, without even trying, things work out in our favor. And that’s just what happened this week. You done good. Now to keep yourself strong is what’s needed to go the distance.


When put to the test you will surprise yourself with how well you do. We are brought down to the ground by the littlest things, which makes it more important than ever to be careful what you drag in from the wild.


You are all good but the attitude. You have to find a better way to think about things otherwise you will always be complaining and never move forward. A lot of good can come from surprises. Don’t underestimate the power of good intentions.

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