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You will be on top of the world one minute but worrying the next. Extremes will color your life this week. All eyes will be gazing adoringly at you over the weekend. Take credit when your idea goes well.


Discovering a hidden truth will lead you down the right path. You are frustrated by the lack of communication with someone in power. At the same time, you find ways to reach someone who has been out of touch for so long you barely speak anymore.


Lots of big changes coming for you in the coming months. You will find a new voice and that eternal, creative itch will at last be scratched. You feel happy for the natural talents you’ve been bestowed with. Reach for the stars.


Your memory is playing tricks on you. Did those things really happen and did they happen the way you remember them or did they happen differently and you’re coloring them in with pretty colors? See the truth; it’s like a spring cleaning.


Pride and progress are the themes this week. You can be proud of what you’ve managed to accomplish and you have actually advanced quite nicely in the time allowed. It is as important to acknowledge good work as it is to correct it.


You see a new way out of a puzzle that has had you trapped for a long time. Your calm and patience will see you through in a big way. Never underestimate the power of a good white lie. You can do much by lifting someone else up.


Your senses will be heightened this week as you become more aware of yourself in your world. You will perhaps meditate on all things romantic too. Some of the things that make you feel safe also prevent you from experiencing life.


It’s all going to be about giving out what you’re taking in. Just as excess calories will pack on the pounds so do those extra pounds take care of you in lean times. It isn’t the things themselves that are unhealthy.


This isn’t a good time to go cold turkey or give up something you really love. There will be a time soon but not now. Concentrate on building up other things like vitality, heart health, serenity and joy. It’s about replenishing, not sacrificing.


Slowly but surely it’s all falling into place. But it isn’t now nor will it ever be easy. Ease comes with the confidence that you have everything under control. You need to make that the new normal so that the chaos will be chased away.


You may be finished but nowhere near complete. When you crave something that you think will make you feel good ask yourself if it’s temporary or permanent. And what you will have to give up for it and if it’s worth it or not.


It’s finally time to get serious. You’ve been given a long-term pass on seriousness and life has never been a documentary for you; it’s always been a comedy or a drama or even a melodrama. Hopefully never a tragedy. You can write your own ending. Make it good.

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