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Laura Wilde

Mirror Contributing Writer


If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. Do not waste something that’s handed to you as a gift. It won’t be long before something truly lovely becomes worn at the edges, a moment of truth that will frustrate you. Take care to be kind to those things and people you value.


You have much to work out after a very trying couple of weeks. You just can’t seem to make the hard stuff any easier. But there is a time limit on this. Once you figure out what you can’t fix you can relax about it and let fate take over. Be original.


You bristle under the lecturing and know-it-all tone of someone who really does mean well. You can’t worry about pleasing others – but you do have to take control of what you do. It’s always going to be a struggle and an uphill climb. There is no easy way out.


You will be fighting for a little inspiration and finding it harder than usual to muster the positive thoughts. Give yourself a break, though. You’ve gone through something here. Allow those negative thoughts their moment in the sun and then banish them from the kingdom and get on with things.


It is harder than ever to believe but you’re coming into your own. You have a few key things still left to do, but overall you’re hitting your stride. You have some surprises coming but your inner alarms are going off all over the place. Honor them.


Your weekend will be overrun by too many cooks spoiling the broth. For some reason, your life is up for discussion and anyone can say whatever they want about it. You have to run your own narrative, write your own ending. Speak up.


A leap of faith is the only thing that will take you from point A to point B. You had something unpredictable happen and now you’re worried about getting burned. But you never have to really worry about it happening again. Just hold on until you feel better.


You will have to make it happen if you ever expect it to. You can’t sit around worrying about offending people and not doing the right thing – you have to kick butt and take names and you’re all out of paper.


You have a chance to start something new but you are still held back by fear. You can feel scared but you have to soldier on. Find a better solution to an ongoing family conflict. Are you ready to shake your old skin and start growing a new one?


Things won’t go exactly your way, especially when you are afraid to admit you’re wrong. Be open-minded to suggestions and possibilities. Be comforted in the knowledge that everything will turn out okay in the end and this too shall pass.


Matters of organization and money are the most important right now – even though all you want to do is escape it all on a desert island somewhere. You are delighted to find out a suggestion you made actually did someone some good. Keep up the good work.


Your ability to compromise is key – the moment you start thinking you know everything is when you’ll falter. Your instincts, however, are mostly dead on the money every time. So follow them and rely on them without second guessing yourself.

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