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Laura Wilde

Mirror Contributing Writer


You might start with stripping the barriers before moving forward. You have surprises left within you. When it comes to health issues, put your own well being ahead of the pack this week. You mend a broken relationship.


You fight feelings of frustration at someone’s irritating qualities. You bring your irritations into the household, no doubt. Lately, though, so much is piled on your plate you have to take breaks away from it all when you can. Without feeling guilty!


You’re reaching a milestone, graduating or moving on. You have to work hard to focus this week, as you’ll want to float away into daydreams. Make sure you want what you need. There is a big difference. Stay present in matters of business, let go in matters of the heart.


You may feel the desire to reach out to someone – a friend or a partner or a spouse – to have them fully understand you for a moment. One moment is all you need; validation feels good and lasts a long time. You get creative with your hands and start problem solving.


You feel stuck in two worlds, one where you can take care of your own needs and one where you have to worry about the needs of others. It’s important to examine your motives for certain dealings, and that you not be afraid to ask for help when you need it.


You bridge the gap when it comes to friendship and love; sometimes you can’t believe your unbelievable luck. You will get given many gifts – some make sense, others don’t. Keep reaching higher for things you haven’t yet gotten.


You can always protect yourself; that’s never been your trouble spot. Being vulnerable and trusting others, however, will keep you from real intimacy. You have to sometimes take a leap of faith, one that doesn’t make complete sense.


You will have some tender moments with a loved one – and experience those rare and breathtaking moments of utter happiness. But they will be tempered, as always, with sadness, anger and frustration. Your week will be a healthy mix of all of it.


You can’t get past a certain thing someone said. You try like mad to be one of those forgive and forget types but it’s not within your realm of capability. You aren’t like everyone else; accept what makes you special. Refill yourself when you empty out.


Gifts come in many forms. Some are pleasurable, others are hard lessons. Some even come in the form a person. You will encounter one such person this week; someone whose very existence is a lesson to you on a daily basis. You’ll be learning patience and kindness and selflessness.


Once you get going, you’re surprised at how fast you go. And you can’t see the arc of your life clearly until you get some perspective. It is not fun knowing what’s going to happen to others and not being about to do anything about it. You just have to hope for the best.


There’s still not enough time to get everything done. If you rush from one thing to the next time will fly by. Pretty soon, you won’t know where it all went. Live your time like you should be living your money. Don’t spend it all once. Make it last as long as possible.

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