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Santa Monica City Council Meeting Wrap-Up:

April 25, 2006

CONSENT CALENDAR Council approved the Consent Calendar that included City Council meeting minutes of March 14, 2006; an amendment to existing contract with Oracle USA, in the amount of $72,000 to upgrade the city’s financial software, and in the amount of $17,000 a year; a resolution accepting and approving a final subdivision map for Tract No. 54358 to subdivide a property at 1253 18th Street; three appointments to fill three vacant positions on the Sustainable City Task Force; a contract with Laserfiche, in the amount of $120,000, for the purchase of a Document Imaging and Content Management System; a contract with the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California in order to receive conservation credits for related activities; an amendment to an existing contract with New Flyer of America, in the amount of $941,900, to purchase 10 LNG replacement buses and spare parts; an award of bid to Delafield Fluid Technologies, in the amount of $146,628, to provide onboard hydraulic system upgrades to thirty six LNG buses; an award of bid to Clean Energy in the amount of $10,000,000; an amendment to an existing contract with Black and Veatch, in the amount of $285,889, to expand engineering and architectural services for the seismic retrofit of City Hall; a contract with Google Inc., in the amount of $9,636, for the lease of dark fiber; and to negotiate and execute dark fiber lease agreements with other interested parties should those opportunities exist; a contract with Worley Parsons Komex, in the amount of $304,000, for MTBE-related consulting services, well installation oversight and alternative dispute resolution; a contract with Ramaker & Associates, in the amount of $153,425, for professional data conversion services for Woodlawn Cemetery; and a contract with Ahbe, in the amount of $450,000, for design services for 20th & Cloverfield Boulevard Street Improvements. With respect to the 20th & Cloverfield Street Improvements, Council directed staff to include Council’s desire that youth employment opportunities be included in the request for proposals when seeking a contractor to construct the project. CLOSED SESSION After discussing the matters in closed session, the Council took action in open session to pay a trial settlement on the bus accident case Betty Robinson v. City of Santa Monica in the amount of $100,000. Council also approved a settlement on the bus accident case Joel Lipscher v. City of Santa Monica in the amount $75,000. Finally, Council approved settlement of the dispute related to the property located at 161 Ocean Park Boulevard which was built along an old rail line. When street improvements were made along Ocean Park Boulevard, the residents used a driveway to access the property through the accessible curb cut on the sidewalk. Improvements are to be done to provide the appropriate access to the property. Under the terms of the settlement, the city will cover the costs up to the first $40,000, there would be a 50/50 split of the next $70,000 in costs, the property owner will cover the next $40,000 in costs, and if there are costs in excess of $150,000 the city and property have agreed on a further split method. SPECIAL AGENDA ITEMS Following the closed session, Council presented a proclamation declaring May 2006 as Older Americans Month in the City of Santa Monica to the Commission on the Senior Community, which was accepted by the commission’s chair. Council also welcomed Dr. Chui Tsang, the new president of Santa Monica College. Dr. Tsang was joined by the college board chair, Dr. Nancy Greenstein. Dr. Tsang expressed his joy with joining the Santa Monica community and is looking forward to working in partnership with the city to achieve mutual goals for the benefit the Santa Monica community. STUDY SESSION Following a staff presentation that will be posted on-line at www.smgov.net, Council discussed the continuing efforts to address homelessness. Staff warned that cold weather shelter on land owned by the Army on the southeast corner of Wilshire and Veteran may be in jeopardy. Council gave direction to staff to participate in any efforts to keep this armory and to contact the city’s congressional representatives to express grave concern. Council authorized an agreement with The Urban Institute, in the amount of $126,000, for a system and program evaluation of homeless continuum of care and an agreement with Community Partners, in the amount of $189,000, for the expansion of the city’s Chronic Homeless Program. ORDINANCES Council held three second readings and adopted ordinances to allow for the continuation of existing non-conforming hotel and motel uses in residential districts within the OP-3 zone; to establish a Transportation Preservation District and to establish performance standards for surface parking lots, film and video production and commercial nurseries authorized in the Transportation Preservation District; and to amend the Official Districting Map to establish the Transportation Preservation District in portions of the former M1 and LMSD districts. Council also held first reading of an ordinance amending the Municipal Code to allow modification of a side yard setback requirement in the R-1 District, where the combination of contiguous parcels requires a greater side yard setback, and to allow the re-division of combined parcels. STAFF ADMINISTRATIVE ITEMS Council considered the Third Street Promenade Outdoor Dining Standards to expand allowable outdoor dining areas including pavilion sidewalk dining, center court dining and sidewalk edge dining. Following lengthy discussion, Council adopted only the expanded outdoor pavilion sidewalk dining standards. Staff is to continue to work with the Bayside District and the community and return later with standards for center court and sidewalk edge dining. Council discussed an update on solid waste efficiencies, a recommendation on rates to be included in the FY 2006-07 budget and approval for staff to begin working with consultants Gershman, Brickner & Bratton for development of alternative service delivery methods. Staff was directed to include CPI + 2% (or 7%) in the FY 2006-07 budget and to prepare a timeline with milestones as to when alternatives will be developed for Council consideration as part of the budget presentations. Finally, Council and the Redevelopment Agency approved a housing trust fund loan and grant to Community Corporation of Santa Monica, in the amount of $3,010,789, for acquisition and rehabilitation of an 8-unit housing development at 1944 20th Street. APPOINTMENTS By acclamation, Council appointed Dr. Kaveta Patel to the Pier Restoration Corporation; Robert Frederick Schwenker to the Commission for the Senior Community; and Madeline Davis Heller to one special vacancy on the Commission on the Status of Women. COUNCILMEMBER ITEM Council supported the request of Councilmember McKeown to direct staff to prepare amendments to current zoning code addressing anomalies pertaining to so-called “key lots,” where current definitions of front and side yards conflict with adjacent parcels, and that similar situations of which staff is aware be reported to Council for future consideration. Council adjourned in memory of long-time city resident and former member of the Commission for the Senior Community Anita Phillips, and in memory of Luz Ospitia, who was a 50-year resident. The next regular meeting of the Santa Monica City Council is scheduled for Tuesday, May 9, 2006, beginning at 5:45 p.m. in the wheelchair-accessible Council Chamber at City Hall. Council meetings are aired live on CityTV Channel 16 and on the Netcast on the city’s website and, for regularly scheduled meetings from 8 p.m. to midnight on KCRW 89.9 FM. NOTE: This wrap-up is not an official record of Council action. The official record is posted by the City Clerk on this website at http://santa-monica.org/cityclerk/council/agendas/2006/ as soon as possible after the meeting. (Click on the April 25 agenda link.) SPECIAL NOTE: Council meetings are now video streamed on the web (http://santamonica.granicus.com/ViewPublisher.php?view_id=2) and re-aired on CityTV2 cable channel 20.

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