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THE BEACH GOURMET: Patrick’s Roadhouse: A Menagerie of Memories, Mementos and Meals

Sitting stoically just off Pacific Coast Highway is the hard-to-miss emerald green shack that goes by the name of Patrick’s Roadhouse. A favorite among Hollywood notables, this breakfast and lunch diner is something of a Church of Curios as well as a good pit stop to refuel gastronomic gas tanks of the human variety.

We visited at mid-morning on a Sunday, April 2, had no problem finding a table immediately and were quickly attended to by a pleasant server with an accent that reflected the international nature of the funky fixtures that adorned the walls, ceiling and, well everywhere. Even some of the seating is made from converted ale barrels and at the south end of the room sits a huge throne-like chair with a distinctly Medieval and Transylvanian quality.

The weather was gorgeous, the view of the Ocean was glorious and the coffee was fine. The cappuccino was splendid with a perfect frothy crown and a strong robust body.

We ordered a mini swath of dishes including the curiously named Eggs Florentinovich (jack cheese, spinach, sautéed mushrooms and egg sitting atop your English muffin, $8.95); multigrain pancake with the usual ($2.95) and Cheese and Tomato omelet accompanied by home-fried potatoes and your choice of toast ($7.75).

The cheese and tomato omelet was delightful with a bounteous serving of tomatoes wrapped in a fluffy egg duvet with a slice of melting cheddar slapped on top. Served with an unsparing helping of home fries and two slices of wheat toast, this dish really hit the spot. The Eggs Florentinovich was an awesome creation with enough cheese adorning the plate to put a symposium of cardiac surgeons on high alert. The multigrain pancake was as it should have been, light and with the optional but obligatory maple syrup.

Their menu boasts an extensive choice of 79 breakfast and lunch items plus sides, specials and burgers to suit all tastes (except no veggie option). It is an amusing document in and of itself with some hilarious post-scripts to the dishes such as, “Cottage Cheese…for those with no taste.”

All in all this was a fun and satisfying visit, and I can sum up by describing the food as perfect for a gentleman truck driver and the environment as comfortable as a visit to your venerable great grandfather’s study laced with his cherished collectibles. Well worth a trip.

Patrick’s Roadhouse, 106 Entrada Dr., 310.459.4544

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