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Laura Wilde

Mirror Contributing Writer


You get the idea that it isn’t healthy to always be wanting what others have. It obliterates everything else. You have riches beside you. You are wealthy beyond all comprehension. But when you are blind to it, it’s useless. Look up.


You want life to freeze frame because each day seems to bring new challenges you don’t have the energy to face. You have to make a new groove to slip into. The old one is worn out. Your talents are designed to help lots of people.


When someone suggests the impossible it forces you to think about where you’ve come and where you’re going. You have too much on your plate right now. You have to learn how to divide and separate the important from the superficial. Be careless.


You expect that when the going gets rough those closest to you will know how to respond. What you find is that you are mostly alone in your experience. You have to take care of things alone and react to them alone. Others can help only if you let them.


Focus is on purity of health. You’re lucky and amazed that things have gone as well as they have. You need to regroup and detox. Be careful that you don’t let financial matters ruin an important relationship. The horizon is clearing for new ideas.


A good friend gets a life-changing message across to you. You realize how much you’ve changed. You are in a different place than you were before and you notice it now more than ever. People echo in your memory, friends forgotten.


Don’t ever believe that you can go it completely alone. You need warmth and companionship and to be taken care of no matter how much it hurts inside. You are so used to taking care of others and seeming in charge. You have to let go and trust.


Good people are there but you have to bring them to you by being good yourself. Not bitter, judgmental or competitive. You reach a certain harmony with your co-workers. Do one thing better the next time when it comes to a loved one.


De-stress by taking some alone time. You are putting too much energy into people-pleasing and it’s not giving you adequate time to fill yourself back up again. There are so many good qualities waiting to be let out. Open the door.


When you figure what you’re really good at and trust your ability to do the job right, remember that you have a fire inside that will burn long. Doing something outside yourself, not just scraping by, is the way to live out your life.


You find frustration in those actions you can’t complete. You know when you’re being wronged you have to do something about it. If someone is cheating you stand up for yourself. Let them know. Be a pain in the arse. Don’t swallow it.


You are entering a new phase of accomplishment or lack thereof. You have to start over. Get rid of the old and bring in the new. You are headed for a freefall where what you want is just beyond your reach. You know that there will be sacrifices. They’ll be worth it.

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