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Laura Wilde

Mirror Contributing Writer


You say too much and you mean less. Your words get you into a bit of pickle with a loved one. Sometimes you aren’t quite sure what is about to come out of your mouth. Remember, wanting something doesn’t always mean it’s meant for you.


You find refuge in something reliable and familiar. It may not be the best thing you imagined for yourself at this stage but somehow it turns out to be. We don’t know what the right path is until we start walking it.


You fear the unknown yet that is exactly what you’re about to walk into. Be grateful for the little things you have and fear not the big things you’re “supposed” to have. We all have our different ideas of success. Find yours and celebrate it.


Too many wrong turns have led you where you don’t want to be. It’s a time for scratching your head and finding a solution to the way someone behaves. If a person disappoints you, give them a second chance and a third chance. We only have one life. And we make mistakes. But we recover.


You get a pleasant surprise at the end of the week. You will have the urge to do something brave when someone asks you to put it all on the line. Nothing really makes much sense but you go through it anyway. You can get help for the overload of work and stress.


You hardly look back anymore you are so focused on what’s ahead of you. The light comes through you and you are grateful for that light. Gifts come in almost unrecognizable shapes. People who will inspire you might be people you don’t even like that much. Stay open.


You have a secret admirer who truly has trouble getting through the day without thinking about you. You can’t do much about it except be thankful that someone feels that way. Despite what you put out, you have an inner shimmer that’s hard to ignore.


The peace and quiet you once sought has been replaced by pleasant noise but noise nonetheless. That noise you hear is life. And it’s bustling around you. When it gets quiet you will be stunned that you ever wanted the noise to stop.


You need a break from the daily crunch. As you move through your routine everything is compacting inward. You want to spread things out and make space between your muscles and bones. You need to get physical. Joy and laughter will make space. What else?


You make unexpected headway with a certain issue no one really wants to talk about. You’ll have to draw a hard line and you’ll have to stick to your guns. You don’t want too many people telling you what to do. Be flexible when it comes to someone’s medical advice.


Do not despair what you have no power to change. You have enough on your plate right now. It’s never going to be something that changes from outside in but from the inside out. A phone call from someone relieves your anxiety about a touchy subject.


You are going to have to learn to stand on your own eventually. While you might be a little worried that you will end up alone for the rest of your life, rest assured, you won’t. For others to understand you, you have to understand yourself.

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