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Laura Wilde

Mirror Contributing Writer


With your usual flair and dignity you will take on someone else’s problem and sail right through it. These are some of the reasons you are so popular lately. When conflict arises, you are there with a band aid at the ready. People rely on you in the best of ways.


Stuck in the middle of a no-win situation has you enlisting the help of everyone you know. Some problems will have to work themselves out, though, as you have no way to solve them. You are about to encounter some hard-core change, though, be ready for it.


It’s a week full of love for you – you give and receive it to almost everyone you encounter. You open yourself to a change of heart – even if that means it could potentially hurt someone else. You are ready to bring in the new. Letting go and moving on is the key.


If you don’t watch it, you will be catching every virus and bug that comes your way. Boost your immune system and make sure you stay frosty for the long haul. When you’re run down emotionally and physically it takes a heavy toll on you.


You have a falling out with someone you once counted on. But you have to say your mind, no matter what. The truth will win out. It’s better to know who someone really is and to feel disappointed than it is to live in an illusion. Shatter those as much as possible.


Gather your posse around you for the big move onward. There is strength in numbers. Focus is on reaching out to people you would normally keep at bay. You surprise yourself by doing the right thing when all signs point to doing the wrong thing. You rejoice in the quiet.


You have set limits for yourself but those limits are meant to be broken. The bar is set pretty high but you should not be intimidated by it. You have eyes watching you and others following you. You set a great example. But don’t let that hinder your progress.


Too much to do, not enough to get done. You feel frustrated at a certain person who is never going to change, even though you wish he or she would. People are who they are – accept them that way or walk on. A surprise greets you when you least expect it.


The jig is up. Change is coming your way and the only way to stop it is to give in to it. It’s a transformative time for us all but you especially. You might turn yourself inside out before all is said and done. You won’t have regrets about your brave new world, only sadness for those you’ve left behind.


The pressure is on. More people are coming to you for help but it’s you who needs the most help. Your life could be more on track if you accepted the choices you made rather than trying to make your choices fit into your ideals. Try living with what you have.


The only way to stop feeling bad about a certain thing is to bring it front and center and deal with it directly. If you procrastinate, it will hang over your head and make your daily existence almost unbearable. Fresh ideas revive your entrepreneurial spirit.


Saying goodbye was the hardest thing you ever had to do. You realize now how right it was to do so. You can’t protect yourself against people who misrepresent themselves. You must be able to bear the truth or else you will always invite liars into your life.

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