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May is Disaster Preparedness Month:

May is Disaster Preparedness Month, and the Santa Monica Red Cross along with the City of Santa Monica is encouraging residents to “be prepared.”

With natural disasters seemingly growing in force and frequency, perhaps due to global warming, now more than ever it’s important to take the necessary steps to prepare yourself and your family in the event of a calamity.

It is now recommended to have seven days of supplies on hand, up from the previously recommended three days. The “I’ve Got 7” theme focuses on the seven ways to be prepared. They are:

1. Nonperishable food and water

2. Batteries, a battery-powered radio and flashlight

3. First Aid Kit

4. Cash (ATM machines and credit cards are useless without power)

5. Clothing, especially sturdy shoes and gloves

6. Special needs, such as medicine, eyeglasses, sanitary supplies, pet supplies, passports or other forms of identification

7. Contact information for someone out of the area who can relay messages

For more information, go to www.redcrossofsantamonica.org

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