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SMC Athletes Honored in Awards Ceremony:

Beverly Cohn


In an early morning informal presentation, the General Advisory Board of Santa Monica College presented its 2005-06 Student Athlete Awards to 15 outstanding athletes. Some of their predecessors have gone on to professional fame including Steve Smith, Carolina Panthers; Isaac Bruce, St. Louis Rams; and Chad Johnson, Cincinnati Bengals.

Following breakfast provided by Mort’s Deli, and a rousing performance by the Spirit Squad, there was a brief message from SMC Superintendent/President Dr. Chui L. Tsang who commented, “Discipline and training helps them [the athletes] learn about teamwork and how to be successful in life.”

Each recipient, some destined to become professional athletes, was given a heartfelt introduction by his or her coach, who then presented the award. It was evident that thanks in large part to the support of the outstanding coaching staff, the young athletes were imbued with confidence, discipline, energy, drive and determination to reach their highest personal best. These qualities will, no doubt, hold these athletes in good stead no matter what path they choose.

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