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I read in the paper that illegals might have voted in last week’s elections, and oh, what an outcry. But judging from the record low turnouts at the polls, I say let ‘em. Someone’s got to make electoral decisions for us, since apparently, citizens don’t want to. Perhaps those who’ve crawled through mud and dodged vigilantes to get here will actually appreciate the privilege.


Lee M. Hamilton

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Earth to Michael Rosenthal: GET A CLUE! Your editorial on Santa Monica’s “homeless czar” Ed Edelman was ridiculous. The man has been on the job since January – and you are grousing because you can’t see any difference on the streets!? Short of divine intervention, in five months, how much progress is it realistic to expect on a problem that has plagued Santa Monica for the past 25 years? (That’s a quarter of a century.)

You talk about the meals or additional services that Edelman’s salary could provide in Santa Monica. You miss the point entirely. Edelman is trying to persuade our reluctant neighboring cities to provide the level of homeless services available in Santa Monica now. You yourself say that coordinated efforts are the key. Do you think this coordination will happen by itself, like spontaneous combustion?

Jon Friedman

Santa Monica

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