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Laura Wilde

Mirror Contributing Writer


Put your priorities in order when transitioning. You will be moving from one situation to another, cutting ties and forging new bonds. Starting anew is a great way to shed your skin. It is invigorating at first but quickly becomes an all-too familiar dynamic.


Putting your trust in broad institutions will make you feel like a fool. We are living in an age where computers have taken over basic human contact. Decisions made that impact your life are done so without sympathy or feeling. When life is hard-lined it leaves those in dire need in dire straights.


You will have trouble saying what you mean, especially when tempers flare. You could be ready to confront someone you’ve been afraid of forever. You have truth in your heart and you have to fight for what’s in it. Do the right thing and the rest will follow.


You’re nearing the moment where you can’t bear another second of a certain person or activity. You know when enough is enough when it becomes too much. You find new ways to express your love – romantic or platonic – and it makes you feel good to be able to give rather than receive.


You feel at once confident and lacking in confidence. You have always measured your successes by how others see you rather than how you see yourself. You have only one way to go and that’s up. You have only one true enemy. That voice inside your head that never shuts up.


You are taken aback by how much a recent encounter lingers in your mind and heart. You venture out into the unknown as you take on another job. Do you feel like it’s the same guy or same girl over and over again? Perhaps you need to go it alone for a while.


You can’t predict what other people will do so take care whom you count on. You can’t count on just anyone; they have to have your best interests at heart. At the same time, it might be time to let down your guard and let that one person really get close to you.


You get a nice surprise when you’re least expecting it. It is always a good thing to know what kind of effect you have on people. You start out wanting what you can’t have but you end up having exactly what you want. What could be better than that? Be here and now.


It’s exhausting trying to be everything to all people. You can’t possibly keep up with those who overdo. You can’t possibly measure up to those who are too critical and you can’t possibly do well around people who only know how to say “no.” You have to be brave to rise up.


You may have a bit of over-confidence when it comes to thinking you know more than you actually do about a certain subject because you’ve had some limited experience with it. When the bottom drops out you have to find another safety net. It will be a long, hard road but worth it.


You are a lot harder on yourself than others and in fact, when you think you are about to hear bad news you actually are surprised to find that you have many great abilities and talents. Moreover, you radiate beauty. And that goes a long way in this world.


Unfortunately, lately, you are having trouble letting go. You will feel better eventually and memories will fade. It just takes a while. You need a change of scenery for things not to matter as much – but they will matter still. Be patient with your own growth. Give it time.

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