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Laura Wilde

Mirror Contributing Writer


You’ll be taking over for a while so someone else can take it easy. You will expend much energy and could blow a fuse if you overload the circuits. Something romantic is brewing that will alter your perspective. Observe doers to learn how to do.


You have an experience that reminds you of all of the talent you possess. It surprises you when you come to grips with your fantastic results. Certain things just take time but you’re breaking through. You have a lot to do and probably need a more reliable way to organize.


You get a chance to shine when the spotlight is on you. Your healthy inner light attracts people to you and you have a hard time figuring out how to handle all of your friends in one place. You can share your attention in a fair way, though, without feeling bummed out about it.


Even though there is rage inside for past experiences, you can find a way to work through it without doing too much damage to yourself or your relationships. Put out a positive vibe and you’ll get positive feelings back. There are great things in store for you this week. Keep smiling.


You are transformed by an unexpected disagreement. You put the pressure on yourself to be perfect and do everything right that if one thing falls apart you risk falling apart from the inside out. Remember that if you try too hard you can overplay your hand. Learn to follow your instincts.


You are happier than you have ever been only you don’t know it yet. You haven’t quite engaged in the way you need to, though, to move things forward. Trust in the advice of a much more knowledgeable source rather than relying on what you think you know.


It’s time to listen to the other side of the argument without closing your mind. You have to put up the hand if you don’t want to hear it. You have to put up the trash can when someone says something unkind. Messages are coming but are you listening? Find something beautiful to share.


You have strength inside you that will get you through those difficult moments. And unfortunately, there are more to come. Life isn’t always going to be about the joy – the dark side is there. You have to find a way to fight harder, kick higher. Reload when necessary. Take no prisoners.


Find someone to inspire you and don’t believe the hype. Look at yourself, really look at yourself. What are you reacting to? Why is it so hard just to face the day? You have the big questions still unanswered. Journey through it with hard core analysis.


Someone close to you is coming unglued. You have nothing left to give, or so you think. When it doesn’t cost you much you ought to put it on the line to give back what’s been given to you. Think not what you’re about to take away but what you’re about to bring.


It’s been fun but now it’s time to get serious. You have no more time to waste. Nothing significant will change if you don’t see the present as a very serious predicament for you. Make a challenge for yourself with a progress chart for this year. And don’t look back.


You have to find a way to better manage your time, energy and money. You don’t have as much to go around as you used to and the best way to leave a little for yourself is to pull back and not do too much. Remember, it’s not about the stuff and it’s not about the money. It’s about accepting the beautiful truth.

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