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Burning the candle at both ends will deplete unimaginable resources. It’s a time for sparking a conversation with your younger self to figure out whether or not you are who you always wanted to be. If you met your younger self, what advice would you give? Would you have listened?


You’re having too many pots to carry back from the watering hole. You can’t balance them on imaginary arms. You must balance them before you ever get to the watering hole. Cut out those events you don’t need. Joining up with old friends is good for the soul.


You get some good advice but it might not go over too well. You are still taking on more than you can chew and more than you can digest. You are dwelling in a tiny corner of what this world will be and what your life will be. It is moving too fast. How can you stop and catch your breath?


You are still a half step behind where you want to be and it keeps getting tougher to forget the old way and embrace the new. You want to find purity and you want to find smiling faces and you want to believe that life is still as good as it ever was. Truth is, it’s better.


You can’t bring yourself to let go even when you are certain there is nothing left. You find your companionship in the oddest forms these days, not that there’s anything wrong with it. You’ll only really connect with a handful of special ones.


Who’s got your back? It’s important to know that there are people who have your back so that when the going gets really tough you know where to turn. But be careful of putting too much into one person – no one can thrive that way.


Life is taking on major shifts but in a good way. Don’t be so quick to sign on the dotted line on impulse. You could be headed into the major regret zone. Don’t trust people who look too good to be true. They can’t possibly be everything they say they are.


Read between the lines and be objective about an upcoming career decision. It’s not personal. You don’t have time to worry about how others are going to feel; you owe it to yourself to be honest. Save the people-pleasing for another time.


You may be overplaying your hand, thinking things are going well when in reality they are going way too fast. You need adequate preparation time, and when it’s your time to rock and roll you’ll be primed and ready.


You’re distracting yourself with stuff that doesn’t matter. You could be entering a manic phase where all of your decisions are hasty and they just satisfy your craving for the moment but aren’t so good in the long run.


It’s a good thing you cut loose when you did, otherwise you might have been dragged down into yet another world of pain and misery. Learn to pay attention to the little signs that present themselves right up front.


You must begin to listen to that all-knowing voice inside. It has never steered you wrong yet. The only time you regret your actions is when you don’t listen. You know how trustworthy someone is usually when you first meet them. Honor that.

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