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You fall back too often on old tricks. Because they’ve worked so well in the past doesn’t mean they’ll work well in the future. You have to be bolder than you could have ever imagined when it comes to making your big move. Sometimes you just have to throw your hands up and accept the outcome.


Time is pushing forward too fast. There doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day to get everything done. You should break up the stuff you have to do into little groups instead of trying to take on everything at once. Don’t shrink back from what you know is right.


Somewhere in there is your tender side. You worry that you have to always be the strong one and can never relax and let someone else take the wheel. Don’t give up on change. Don’t forget what you really hold precious. It will come in handy some day.


You want to fight it out and get things out in the open. You are too worried to ever let go completely. What you have inside you is easily shaped depending who you’re with. You are so worried about others that you back-burner a lot of your own emotions. Take care of yourself now.

Leo When you’ve had some time to step back and look at things objectively, a few truths pop into your head. You know a few things for sure. You’re grateful for wisdom. You are the peacemaker even though half the time you wish you weren’t. You have an abundance of love and people are grateful to you for it.


Learn to tell the difference between time and wasting time. When you own your time you can’t lose it. And time well spent creates lasting memories. Time wasted swirls down the drain. You imagine you have good things coming your way but they will bounce off you if you don’t open yourself up to them. Be open.


A light inside you has been switched on. You’ll never be able to go back. Pushing everything until the last minute makes you crazy. Enlist the help of another to get you through the more difficult times. No one should complain at the hard work you’ve put in.


You may be feeling unappreciated lately. A lot has been done and you’ve squeezed out so much of your own creative juices that now you’re spent. You need to refuel, replenish, do a reboot of the entire system. Once anew, the veil will be lifted. A decision will be made.


Your compassion turns to pity and confusion. You can’t make other people act nice just as you can’t repair the damage done to the path. Join everything together and find harmony in your newfound family. You’re glad for the new faces. Soon they will be familiar faces.


The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. Like a moth to a flame you are drawn to the dark side. The first hint of crazy and you’re all over it like white on rice. Some deprogramming is required to dismantle that negative alarm system.


Think originality. When it comes time for you to prove yourself, find a way to really distinguish yourself from the pack. Step up and make your presence unforgettable. Do not want the one you think you can get; get the one you want.


Your wisdom is ever-flowing for everyone else yet you are unable to put your own life in gear. Remember what used to make your world special – don’t let it go so easily. Shape the stuff you have to do around the stuff you love to do.

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