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Programs to Assist Residents & Tourists:

The City of Santa Monica is beginning two pilot programs to help visitors and locals in the downtown area.

The first program targets the Downtown area. Two “Premier Promenade Restrooms” will have attendants from 9am-midnight. The women’s restroom will be located in Parking Structure 4, while the men’s will be in Parking Structure 3.

The second program will attempt to solve the traffic situation at the Sunday Main Street Farmers’ Market. The 2600 Barnard Way parking lot will offer discounted parking to patrons who leave by 1:30pm. Free parking will be available at SMASH on Ocean Park and at John Muir on 6th St.

Both programs will begin this weekend, and go through the summer. Feedback is encouraged, and will help determine the future of the programs. Surveys will be available at any pilot program location, or you can email the City at resourcemanagement@smgov.net.

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