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The Lake House:

The Lake House, starring Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves is no Somewhere in Time.  The only similarities are they are both set in a time warp, and the name “Reeves.”

Here’s the implausible story.  It is winter 2006.  Dr. Kate Forster (Bullock) has completed her residency and has taken a job in a Chicago hospital.  On moving out of her home at the lake, she leaves a note for the next tenant, Alex Wyler, (Reeves) asking that her mail be forwarded to her.  She also explains that she had nothing to do with the paw prints which are not there when Alex moves into the house that coincidentally was built by his crusty, old, unlovable famous architect father played by Christopher Plummer. Oh yes.  I should point out that Alex is living in the year 2004.

Kate and Alex begin to exchange letters that magically appear in a mailbox capable of delivering mail from Alex addressed in 2004 to Kate living in 2006 and vice-versa.  Gives a new meaning to snail mail.  They share intimate details about themselves and it turns out that they are both struggling with past disappointments and trying to make a new start.   At one point, Alex decides to hand-deliver a letter but when he arrives at the address, he finds only a picture of the building currently under construction.  Finally, they make a date to bridge the great time divide, but Alex never shows up in the restaurant where reservations were made two years ago.  Confused? It’s not you.  It’s the script.

The Lake House is a poorly written script that even these two solid pros could not successfully navigate with believability.  The holes in the plot were big enough to drive a truck through or horse and buggy for you Somewhere in Time lovers.  Bullock’s characterization of Kate ranged from depressed, to a little more depressed to very depressed, with Reeves running down a parallel emotional track.  In contrast to Somewhere in Time or An Affair to Remember, both of which required large quantities of Kleenex, by the time Kate and Alex finally conquer the time/space continuum and actually embrace, you’ll feel relieved for as chilly as the windy city gets, it’ll feel good after sitting through all this hot air.

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