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Venice Family Clinic Remembers Victims of Gun Violence:

Venice Family Clinic staff member Agustin Millan was shot and killed at a 7-11 in Culver City on April 14. He worked in the Children’s First program as a coordinator, and was also a pastor and youth advocate. The clinic planted an oak tree and installed a commemorative plaque in his memory at the 25th St. and Pico Blvd location. Family, friends and co-workers gathered for a dedication ceremony on June 13. His wife, Patricia and daughter Priscilla, center, are pictured with close family friends after the ceremony.

(Bottom):Arminda Lopez, Eddie Lopez’s mother, kneeling by an oak tree dedicated to the memory of his life, at the Venice Family Clinic Simms/Mann Health & Wellness Center, located at 25th St. and Pico Blvd. The clinic, near Eddie’s home and where he was shot, planted the tree and installed the commemorative plaque. Family, friends and the community gathered for the dedication. photos by Margaret Molloy

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