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Patti Smith, June 22, 9:30pm

Don’t miss legendary punk priestess Patti Smith as she reads from Complete, her newly released career retrospective. This work dates back to the 1970s, the period in which she was integral in developing and shaping the early New York punk scene. Patti is responsible for lots of great, personal and poetic songwriting, much of which frequently cuts straight to the bone. Her influences range from icons such as Dylan and fellow New York punk godparents, The Velvet Underground to Hendrix and The Stooges. With bands like Talking Heads, Television and Blondie, she helped set the stage for countless future artists who truly had something to say. Beyond Baroque, 681 Venice Blvd., Venice, 310.822.3006, www.beyondbaroque.org, $15

Dread Zeppelin, June 16, 11pm

This is one of those instances in which what initially sounds like a disaster, albeit a humorous one, ultimately ends up a winner. I mean, come on! A band fronted by a 300-pound Elvis impersonator, that plays reggae-infused Led Zeppelin songs? Sounds ridiculous, I know, but the bottom line is – these guys rock! They have an approach that’s comical but at the same time, always delivers the goods, musically. With winning versions of Zep classics like “Black Dog,” “Immigrant Song” and “Heartbreaker,” they demonstrate both their musical chops as well as their impressive arranging ability. See these guys live, at least once. Thank you. Thank you very much. 14 Below, 1348 14th St., SM, 310.451.5040, www.14below.com

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