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Cell Phone Recycling Law Goes Into Effect:

Ever wonder where your old cell phones (new every two) end up? On July 1 the Fran Pavley-authored Assembly Bills 1125 and 2901 went into effect.

The bills will require retailers to take back rechargeable batteries and cell phones for proper recycling. Cell phones and rechargeable batteries contain hazardous materials which, if improperly disposed of, can leak out and contaminate soil and groundwater. These two new laws represent the first time that California retailers will have to share the responsibility for collection and recycling of environmentally-problematic products they sell.

Another goal of the bill is to keep millions of cell phones and batteries from ending up in landfills every year. Says Assemblymember Pavley, “California reports that more than 34,000 tons of toxic batteries are landfilled annually.”

There will be no charge to consumers for this program.

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