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Co-opportunity Calls for Community Grant Applications:

In support of its mission and guided by the concept of environmental sustainability and social responsibility, Co-opportunity is donating grants from $500-$2,000.  Applications for community grants are now being accepted.  

To make sure that the grants support organizations in need, target the community and share the same values and ethics as Co-opportunity, there are a few guidelines any organization must fit within to be eligible:

The organization must have nonprofit status and include nonprofit or tax-exempt documentation with this application.

The organization cannot advocate, support or practice unlawful discrimination based on race, religion, national origin, sex, disability or sexual orientation.

The organization cannot be a political or religious organization.

The contact person or organization head should be a member of Co-opportunity.

The organization is located near Co-opportunity.

The organization has not received a substantial amount of donations from Co-opportunity in the past year.

A representative of the organization must be available to attend the Co-opportunity’s annual meeting to accept the grant in person in October. 

The organization’s mission should match Co-opportunity’s donation goals: to help make our community better and healthier, and the organization can be described by one of the following categories:

1. Environmental/Sustainable to the Earth

2. Education/the Arts

3. Peace and Freedom of Expression

4.  Economic and Social Justice

5. Civil Rights

 Applications can be picked up at Co-opportunity customer service desk at 1525 Broadway.  You may also request an application via email or fax by calling 310.451.1025 or email marketing@coopportunity.com.  Applications are due July 31st by 4pm via mail, email or fax.  Applications will be reviewed and grant winners will be selected by member/owners of Co-opportunity.  Those receiving grants will be notified by September 15th.

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