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Trying to push someone to bend to your will won’t bring you any closer to getting what you want. Think more in terms of coaxing. Think outside the box. What can you give that someone else wants enough to give up what they have?


As things seem to worsen for people around you, you are the rock for too many people. But you don’t have enough bedrock to cover everyone. Choose your battles well. Your energy is a precious resource now. It can’t be given away willy-nilly.


You’re on the path to self-discovery and people are starting to notice how charming and brilliant you are. You make the same mistake over and over again regarding friends, however. You must get yourself caught up with people who don’t make you feel badly about yourself.


You have some nifty surprises headed your way. Check out why you might feel weird about seeing an old friend. Don’t push yourself too hard in one direction. Take some time and space from someone who is attaching themselves to you like glue. Everyone needs space.


A bright future awaits if only you can devote the much-needed time to get stuff done. This is your time. You will be doing your best work, enjoying the best moments, finding most stuff works as you hoped it would. Be patient with conflict; it will resolve itself.


Too much time taken and not enough to spare. When someone lets you down, someone you trusted, you are tempted to give up on humanity as a whole. That is hardly the best path to take. But do get revenge when you get your moment.


With so much at stake and so few outlets you might tend to dwell in the unhealthy habits of your past. Moving on means leaving behind who you once were. You will never really completely change but you can shed your skin to reveal a nicer layer.


Just when you think you should stop is when you should step on the gas. Doing something with reward points enables you to be proud of your own progress. Smaller steps work better than big, dramatic ones. Patience and dedication are the way to go.


A journey will take you far away – and the road back will be long and hard. But it’s worth going. You can’t stay where you are any longer. Remember how short life can be when your goals are material-based. Think about living, about true miracles.


Don’t rush through the necessary, preliminary steps to get where you want to go. Sadly, there are no true shortcuts. Only long and steady roads. You can’t know someone without really getting to know them. You can’t win without playing the game.


A group effort is the way to go. The way to remove someone’s power over you is by showing them up when they expect you’ll back down. You are a fighter who isn’t going to give in to pressure. Stand your ground with authority.


Bringing a dream to reality is a lot harder than you thought it would be. You’re in freefall mode with no landing. You needed to have been better prepared. Now you’re stuck and you’re digging the hole deeper. Do the math, straighten it out, sleep easier.

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