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It’s about time to take a broad, brave step. Your life is what you make it. Nothing is written in stone. A little planning, some organizational skills and some clever work-arounds and you’ll be sitting pretty. You want the rest of your life to begin as soon as possible.


Life is about conflict. If you think of the good stuff of life being the car and the bad stuff being the gasoline you’ll see how the balance tips out. You need the car and you need the gas to make the car run, even though you hate paying for it. The pain and heartache is the fuel that moves you one place to the next.


You feel pain inside but you don’t know why. You have to be honest with yourself before you can decide which person to be with and which direction to take. A whiff of something new has you all distracted and confused. Someone is overstaying their welcome.


You find you can’t hold your tongue when you are put in an awkward position. Someone asks you for a favor and you misunderstand what the favor’s really supposed to mean. It will take some recovery time before you can broach the subject again.


You are happy with the way things have turned out. All the same, you’ll be glad to be taking on a new assignment and freeing yourself up a bit. You might be in need of some real change. You can be happy that you are living your own personal truth. That’s all you can really do. Quiet the voices with confidence.


You can’t imagine how hard things have been for someone close to you who has drifted away. You are such a treat to be around and such a positive influence. You must pay attention to a message sent your way and not toss it aside like it doesn’t matter. It matters this time.


The next time you feel the need to reveal a secret of someone else’s, check your motives. You can do a lot of damage by revealing important news that is none of your business. Take it seriously. You are not playing a game you can, or want to, win.


You have so many different masks you put on for different situations. You need to scale back the personas and try being just one you. Don’t worry; you’ll be ready for your close up when the cameras roll.


You have people to thank for getting where you’ve gotten. You need to be more communicative with a co-worker or neighbor. And you need to practice setting boundaries. What you can’t live with you have to rise above. But you can live with a lot, you’ll find.


Watch yourself when the other shoe drops. You are flying high one minute and in the doldrums the next. You feel like you’re a great success one minute and the next you’re freaking out big time about all that you haven’t done. What keeps you grounded are the human connections you cultivate.


There is no free lunch. You think someone is doing you a great, big favor but in reality, that favor has strings attached. You want things to be different but so far, they’re the same. Change is painful. Becoming someone different is nearly impossible the older you get. But keep your eye on the prize regardless. It can’t hurt.


You are horrified, in some ways, at who you’ve become. Keeping in mind who you once were and you’ll be someday, you aren’t doing too shabbily. You’ve made something of your life – maybe it wasn’t exactly what you wanted but you can rejoice nonetheless.

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