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Just when you thought it was safe to step back in the water there are new things to fear. As you journey forward you’ll encounter things that slow you down and make you move with more caution. You get a lucky break, work wise. You will finish what you started.


You have yet more challenges ahead of you that you never counted on. You’re finding out you’re a lot more capable and adept than you thought you were. And a lot stronger. Give yourself a break if you have to have a 19th nervous breakdown. You get by with help from your friends.


It seems like the exact wrong time for stuff to happen but that’s how it goes. It happens without warning. You got lucky a few times but now you’re going to have to rely on something other than luck. Go easy on someone who can’t figure out which end is up anymore.


You’re meeting the conflict/resolution thing head-on and refusing to procrastinate any longer. You want to put your talents to the test in order to get yourself ahead in your career and life. It’s going to take a lot of patience to overcome the drama. Be experimental in your romantic life.


To teach compassion you must have compassion– and that you seem to have a lot of. Underlings follow by example. Your leadership qualities will come into play over the next few days as you have to play peacemaker. Give a little, get a little.


Your past comes back to haunt you in the worst way. You find frustration with simple things; problems that should be easy to solve now seem impossible. The world doesn’t quite seem to be making sense. It’s all out of whack but will align soon. You will have harmony in your life.


You know whom you can trust and whom you can’t. You are needed somewhere and your love is needed in order to bring it to someone else. You feel happy that you’ve mostly gotten what you wanted but you are still longing for that missing piece and it seems to pop up at the worst times.


You thought you could trust someone and it turned out, you couldn’t. People who keep things from you don’t respect you. You have to be careful where you let yourself go and to whom you give away precious parts of yourself. Some things you can’t lose.


Your idea, which once seemed so original, now seems to be everywhere. But improvisation is your strong suit. Make it up as you go along and you’ll be surprised at your inventiveness. Your life plays out before your eyes and you get to decide on a happy ending now or later.


Your hopes for the perfect life are dashed when someone is just out of reach. The good news is, this is just but one step towards a much better someone you never saw coming. Get right back on the horse and this time know when to say no and don’t get in over your head.


Time ticks down on a certain issue. You have to make a move or else live with the end result. Take action before the fact. It’s like a big chess game and so far you’re still holding the queen. But you are playing someone really good so think before you act.


It’s all been heaped on you in ways you can’t even fathom at this point. How could you have been so stupid as to trust someone so unworthy of trust? How can you protect yourself against this happening again? Use your brain to make decisions.

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