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Question: I always have many strong sneezes in the morning and when I change from one place to the other. How should I take care myself?

Answer: Sneezing is a localized reaction of the sinuses to irritants. You may be more sensitive to these irritants. I would suggest you conduct an allergy panel to determine if you have specific sensitivities to various environmental triggers. I also suggest you review your surroundings. Do you have pets; are they allowed in the bedroom? Pets should not allowed in the bedroom; your bedroom needs to be clean and aerated. Try this: Before bed for 30 minutes open all windows and doors to the bedroom and aerate the room. You may also want to switch to a hypoallergenic detergent to wash you bedding and clothes. Avoid dairy products, wheat and overly stimulating foods. No fried foods, simple carbohydrates and sugars. Drink Beet Top tea as source of water. Drink Ginger tea.

Question: I enjoy good food and eat much faster than my wife. Is it unhealthy to eat fast?

Answer: As my grandfather used to say, the only time you should be fast is when the lion is chasing you. I think most of our current physical, emotional and spiritual problems are directly linked to how fast we are moving, instant coffee, instant TV and instant gratification with everything. How can we savor and enjoy the beauty of the flowers or that savory Filet Mignon? Slow down, you will find you will enjoy the food more, and in the process make better dining table company. From a health perspective, rapid consumption of food does not allow the proper time for the stomach acid to build up and thus the food stagnates, producing indigestion and sluggish metabolism. Try this: take three bites and put the fork or spoon back on the table engage in a conversation, then repeat.

Question: Can talking birth control for an extended period of time (more than 20 years) affect my fertility?

Answer: Birth control pills are an artificial induction of infertility to your body. The female body functions have a specific programming to procreate and therefore produce the necessary monthly cycles. It is unnatural to force the body to stop these cycles, and by changing the hormonal patterns within the body we are, in essence, reprogramming our body. The longer the period, the harder it becomes for the body to recover its original programming. This reprogramming does have adverse effects on your fertility, more severe in some than other cases. Generally it will take six to nine months before a healthy body can remember its original programming and return to its natural state. Consult your natural practitioner to determine the best way to help reprogram your body in preparation for conception.

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