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Your future looks brighter than usual this week as opportunities seem to be dropping in your lap. The universe is “on your side” more so than usual. This should leave you with a more forgiving heart than you’ve had in the past. The only thing you have to fear is sincere regret.


Trying to arrange anything when you’re under so much stress is like walking up a muddy mountain only to slide right back down again. Trouble is afoot with people who are put in charge of things that directly affect you. Stay on top of who is spending what of your money.


You find yourself going through odd changes here and there. Some of them are spiritual and some of them are physical. It is a transformative time. You won’t be the same as you were when you come through the other side but you will be pleased with the change eventually.


The anticipation is almost too much to bear. You still have to cool your heels for a while without chiming in. Your fears will be allayed once you coax someone into an honest answer. The truth is all that matters. Direct and pure, it can’t be denied.


Your generosity enables others to make strides. When you give you will always get back tenfold. You try not to be resentful of those who aren’t working as hard as you are for things. And you feel frustration with people who aren’t stepping up to the plate. Just stay focused on your own life for now.


Don’t take a message that comes across as negative at face value. Underneath the message is another better one. You aren’t stuck as much as you think you are. You can be free. It’s just a matter of living and laughing. Bring joy through you and to the rest of humanity.


You can’t tolerate deception, whatever form it comes in. It’s a time for standing up for yourself and not taking any manipulative stuff from anyone. After all, what have you got to lose? Nothing you weren’t ready to let go of in the first place. Shed your skin, begin again.


Too little too late. That’s what you have to tell yourself when it comes time for you get repaid for the enormous debt that got tossed your way. You handled it like a pro and no one ever thought you would move something so horrific so gracefully. But when the time comes for forgiveness, do so with a smile and a goodbye.


However you got there isn’t really the point anymore. Point is, you’re here now and something must be done about your situation. You have to bite the bullet and do what you never wanted to do. But time has a way of rubbing out unpleasantness and it will be forgotten sooner than you expect.


Don’t be fooled by fantasy makers who convince you to drop what you know to find something that will lift you up from the doldrums of your life and falsely promise a better one. There is only one way from point A to B. And that’s one straight line right through it. Anyone who says otherwise is trying to sell you something.


If you feel like you’ve gone far but not quite far enough, at least give yourself credit for moving ahead. You didn’t get stuck like you thought and you put it all on the line to make something happen for sure. You saw results and were shocked. Credit where credit is due.


You’ve almost crawled out of the hole you dug for yourself emotionally. Now materially, you have mountains to climb. It is too easy to slip back into old habits. Too easy to live life unconsciously. Your job now is to get in, and stay in, the present tense. Do not look for escape routes.

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