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You’re going to have to wait before you act this time around. You don’t have the same kind of flexibility you once had. Life is about change for you right now. You don’t see it coming but you’ll have to shift your whole world around to make room for it. Someone presents you with a gift.


You feel betrayed by someone who is in the inner circle. Don’t let yourself get sucked into mind games by an untrustworthy source. Defenses are built up over time. It will take even longer to strip them down. But the good stuff can’t be got to until they are ripped down.


You can feel excitement for what’s ahead. The unknown isn’t always so bad. You just have to free yourself from the worry that usually follows you around. After all, you don’t have to fret so much. Let what will be, be. Control has served you well – now you must abandon it.


You are easily led astray when someone offers you something you can’t refuse. You reel backwards into the past to find your identity and when you do you are surprised by how much bad stuff falls away. Time heals all wounds, even the ones you can’t imagine ever getting better. Your anger will evaporate.


You have a lot invested in something that might not pay off. The one you depended on for the long haul appears to be letting you down. If something isn’t working, toss it. Don’t waste your time and money on what can’t be saved. Look towards a brighter future.


Good luck is following you around lately. But it won’t be a substitute for hard work. Sometimes there is no other way through the mud puddle except to get your feet dirty. So get ‘em dirty. What’s the worst that can happen? You don’t want to opt out of experiences; you want to fall headlong into them.


You take care of things well enough in your work life – but you have to pay more attention to the intimate relationships in your life. You must water a plant to see it grow. And if the pot is too small it becomes root bound.


Practice more self control when it comes to consuming. You want to be frugal – and you don’t want to have to say no to that demanding voice in your head. But you have to figure out a way to do it. Maybe you need to start giving yourself time outs?


You can’t move on to the next level until you are master of the first level. You still have a lot to learn about giving and being there. You have more to give but it won’t happen until you free up your schedule and allow for your home life to take up more of your time. Make it personal.


Don’t believe everything you hear. People can say things to you that make you feel good and all they have to do is tell you want to hear. They never have to come up to the plate and be truthful because they are, perhaps, living in an alternate reality. Try to not be such an easy mark.


You regret the absence of someone dear to you – someone who made the decisions for you and filled the gap when it was emptied. Your anger is justified. You are saying goodbye as you are finding your own legs to stand on. Don’t give up hope – strength takes time to build.


Your journey ahead will be an interesting one. While it might not be everything you ever imagined, it will likely be something altogether fabulous. Pat yourself on the back for braving those terrifying waters. And don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

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