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You carry the weight of the world on your shoulders this week. You have never been better yet you have never been worse. Don’t let petty gossip get in the way of being able to safely communicate truths to those who need to hear them.


You are bewitched by the presence of another. Your allure is hitting a high point. You can’t be in two places at once so get someone who has your back to cover for you. It will all be smooth sailing after the weekend.


You get frustrated at the drop of a hat, and your frustration reaches a fever pitch until you can figure out what to do with it. Reality is setting in and you’re going to have to be better prepared than you are.


You want time to stop so you can catch up with all that’s been happening. You are stronger than you think you are and your body is in better shape than you give it credit for. Do the hardest stuff first.


Too many balls in the air and not enough focus. You get a weird vibe from someone and might feel confusion as to how to resolve it. You can’t discover on your own what a great teacher can teach. On the horizon is a dream come true.


You will be split by two different desires. There are so many people pulling at you that your loyalties are confused. An awkward encounter disrupts your otherwise peaceful disposition. The focus is on putting purity back into your body.


You speak your mind which can be a good thing. Sometimes you are too proud for your own good. You don’t know what it’s like to really be in doldrums – but that keeps you aware and compassionate about those who are. Reach as high as the sky – you might just touch it.


When you sort through the nonsense you will find that someone’s need to win arguments and jockey for power puts you in the position of always having to defend yourself against critical, nasty comments. Dump it in the imaginary trash can.


A town full of egos has you craving solitude from it all and a different kind of life, a cleaner environment and lots of nature all around you. Spend some time this weekend reconnecting with the world that’s real to you, not the one you’ve purchased.


Acceptance is a great relief. When you fight against what is you run the risk of endless angst and frustration. You are looking for love in all the wrong places. Nothing comes instantly that isn’t bad for you.


When you run away from your problems you find that your problems trail after you. You can sort things out in your heart and mind to decide what is your primary motivation for your choice in partner. It isn’t about happiness anymore but something greater.


You feel glad that you found home within yourself and that you don’t have to find outside forces to tell you and teach you about what home is. And you don’t have to lie down with dogs in order to pay your dues – stand up and be proud of your life so far.

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