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Marked by odd events and unbalanced responsibilities it all becomes a bit too much as you try to figure out what went wrong and where. The clues lie in the past. What has been buried, what has been treasured, what still lingers.


Nothing seems to make much sense to you anymore but you find yourself looking forward to the little things in life. Timing is off regarding a certain job prospect. Try to see the joys in life rather than the sorrows. Treat yourself to a bit of alone time.


You don’t always understand why people are the way they are. You just know that you’re smack dab in the middle of it all. You have friends that your family objects to and you feel drawn in as much as you feel the need to flee. Opposites all around.


You sense a certain disappointment in the way things have become and sense a certain coming of doom. Just as you do that, however, something comes along to lift your spirits. Try smiling on the outside because the inside will follow somehow.


You may feel some frustration at the slow pace of things lately. Or else work isn’t going as hoped. Either way, it isn’t the way you thought it would turn out. You have too much resting on your shoulders right now; you need someone else to carry some of the load.


Time away from your chaotic life has brought you a sense of inner calm you haven’t experienced in a long while. Let the worried be there, to exist as they are. Free-floating anxiety does just that – floats along until someone else magnetically attracts it. You won’t be that person this week.


They say hope is the thing with feathers. Funny thing about feathers, they keep you aloft even when you feel like you’re sinking. You must reconnect with your roots in order to feel like yourself again. You have a great support net that you’ll need to get some comfort.


Too many loose ends, not enough happy endings. Your spirit will soar once you detach yourself from a negative force in your life. You have no limits to what you can do if given the opportunity. Un-tether that which keeps you tied down.


You lose something precious, or think you’ve lost it, when in reality what you’re looking for has always been there. A gift or message from a potential enemy makes you feel some frustration with how you’ve pre-judged them. You realize you’re not always right about things.


Your instincts prove reliable regarding a certain issue. There is a happy medium somewhere in there. It shouldn’t be an all or nothing issue. At the same time, you feel some worry about future prospects and whether or not it’s the right thing for you to keep a partnership or not. Independence at this juncture is a good thing.


You worry that someone you dearly love has become attached to someone you feel is an inappropriate friend. In fact, he or she is doing their best in a difficult, maybe even impossible situation. Try to help them find balance there without imposing your own needs.


Something you thought would work out only partially has. While it’s been a long and difficult road and your answers haven’t come as you would have liked you must at least be grateful for small favors, that there has been a break in the shell somewhere. It’s good, in the end…try not to fret.

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