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Don’t jump the gun before all of the information is in. You’ll be here, there and everywhere with your emotions – you will be forced into extremes. You’ll want to reconnect with your touchstone just to feel normal again. Filter what you say in anger.


With new frustrations and challenges ahead you begin to feel more anger than you’ve felt before and at exactly the wrong time. You can be assured that your anger is well placed. Some people deserve your wrath; it’s as simple as that. You’re in line for a major change in your life. Fasten your seatbelts.


You discover you miss someone you never thought you would. Don’t be afraid of what’s coming next. You have nerves to get over, nothing more than that. You wrestle with the idea of chosen gifts – what is yours? You may be debating your reason for being more than usual.


You can’t let what others say to you impact your actions in a negative way. Try to be more useful with those who are incapable of doing for themselves. It’s a long way out of the dark. Head towards the light, always. Find those who make you feel good.


You have a lot at stake right now. You’ve built up so much and have, as a result, a lot to lose. Be creative when it comes to finance planning. Also know you’ve done yourself proud and those who know you admire your good deeds. Confidence is deserved.


You find yourself getting upset with someone who appears to be taking credit for your work. Now, as always, it’s important to speak up. Otherwise, no one will ever know where you’re coming from. It’s a thrill a minute to spend time with you.


Your lessons this week are not coming cheap or easy. You have to work that much harder just to break even. It is not always going to be this way. You will be free of your nagging obligations that are holding you back as soon as you can afford to.


You aren’t looking to saying goodbye to someone you’ve grown attached to. But you also are eager to move on with your life. Separation is a healthy thing – it makes for cleaner growth later on. You also find luck with a financial transaction.


Sometimes the depth of feeling around a certain issue can truly surprise us. You are blessed with good luck this week so enjoy it while it lasts. You will be on an upswing emotionally, which will make you feel more powerful than ever.


Once the other shoe dropped everything changed. You’ve learned some hard lessons about trust and relationships. Those who are too weak to stand on their own will never get to know themselves enough to realize what they are missing. Life will always be tolerable. But you are free and clear.


You feel an obligation to keep moving forward. Stagnating is not a possibility. It’s going to take you some time to get back on track after a big lapse in finances and career choices. But be patient with yourself; it is only going to get better.


Fear? What fear. You are completely in control this week and better than ever when it comes to courage. You can do anything, you know. Just show up. You just have to do that and the rest falls easily into place. Let yourself receive gifts. Allow love in.

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