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Oops! We did it again!:

In Hannah Heineman’s campaign contribution law article, the headline read, “Council Approves a Ballot Initiative to Toughen City’s Campaign Contribution Law.” This was not how it was turned in by Ms. Heineman, and was completely out of step with her article. The correct headline should have been “Council Approves a Ballot Initiative to Alter City’s Campaign Contribution Law.” For further clarification on the subject, please read Kevin McKeown’s letter to the editor in this issue.

* * * *

There was an inaccurate quote in Lynne Bronstein’s article “It’s All in the Process: Getting Help for the Homeless.” Lacey Von Deak’s correct quote is: “While we are unable to place every person that comes through our door in a CLARE bed, we do work with every single person who comes through our doors to place them either at CLARE or with another agency.”

Also in the “Homeless” article, OPCC’s Turning Point serves both men and women, not just women as stated.

* * * *

The caption in the Cup of Coffee piece was inadvertently left off. Here is the picture again of Vidiots founders Patty Polinger (left) and Cathy Tauber (right).

The Mirror apologizes for any confusion these errors may have caused.

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