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Upward Bound to Receive Donation from Whole Foods:

Whole Foods will be presenting Upward Bound House with a donation of $3,250 on Wednesday, August 23 to go towards Upward Bound’s new Food Pantry program. 

According to Upward Bound’s Executive Director Andrew Parker, “This Food Pantry will hopefully provide all of the food needs for the 50 or so families we shelter each year.  This kind gift from Whole Foods will help us stock the Food Pantry which will open for business in September, we hope.” 

The Food Pantry is a joint effort between Upward Bound and the Westside Food Bank.  Says Parker, “For every dollar we give the Food Bank for food, the Food Bank can use their leveraging and double or treble the amount of food we could buy ourselves.”

The money from Whole Foods was made possible through a grant from the Food Industry Crusade Against Hunger’s Food for All program.

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