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Take a walk down the darker, more mysterious path. You may not know exactly where you’re going but you’ll never know a more awakened time in your life. Taking a big risk will pay off in the way you hope. Be generous with a stranger.


You are battling a giant. You are fighting the good fight but it may not be a winnable one. In so many ways the fix is in. But remember, sticks and stones. It isn’t what people say that matters – anything they say can be unsaid. You just need a bigger, louder voice.


Another fresh start, more obstacles. Take advice from those who are trying so hard to give it. It isn’t as worthwhile for you to be the smartest one in the room. Move over and let someone else take over. Take a more careful approach to your promotion or big leap. Don’t go so fast all at once.


When you are given the golden key and the magic map better move those feet and quick. What motivates you will be the same thing driving you crazy. You now have the tools to get the job done. Don’t misinterpret a message that seems loving – chances are, there is a hidden agenda.


Frustration and angst are on the menu this week, along with an appetizer of pleasure, and a very sweet dessert. If you can get through the main course you’re in for some real fun. Don’t undervalue those who make your life easier.


You count on your friends more than ever this week as you make a very serious decision. You’re not entirely sure you’re making the right one. It could go either way; you could make it work either way. Pick the answer that is “yes” rather than the one that is “no.” Or else get ready for some big regrets later on.


Value what’s around you every second of every day. It’s a time to take stock of the gifts that surround you. What could be better than to realize that no matter what you feel like events will remain the same. If you can tune the dial to happiness anyway you will have a healthier heart.


You are the focus of several heated conversations and “meetings.” You have been stirring up trouble. You can make life easier for your friends by coming clean on everything you’re keeping secret. And you will see it was for the best all along.


You feel some irritation with your employer or parent or caretaker. It becomes frustrating this week to take direction. You’re just not as into being passive as you once were. It is time to stand up for yourself.


You shouldn’t be so quick to change your life in an act of desperation. There are easier ways to make money. Don’t give up the one thing you have – your integrity. It is not nearly as desperate as you think. Hold your head high.


Your fears are realized when the one person you didn’t want to show up does. You feel them before you see them but you know they’re there. You must go on a treasure hunt to find the best thing about a person you want to get close to. Worth the wait!


It’s been one of the more difficult weeks for you but you managed to make it through anyway, somehow. You see that it doesn’t take much to put the pieces back together and get the show on the road. The trick is learning how to put out fires without worrying too much about it.

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