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There’s something in the air. People who are normally cheerful will seem sad the moment you walk in the room. But it isn’t you. There’s just something in the air. It might start to feel like you are the odd man/woman out all too often lately. But that’s because your team is momentarily dispersed. It isn’t permanent.


It’s going to be up and down for now. You have bursts of happiness, bursts of sadness but overall you’re getting a better handle on things. You have some confusion about which career path to take. So many doors are open to you. Choosing the best one is the trick.


The climb is slow and steady. But you know who will win the race. You have to ease back, not fight so hard. You’ve won already. You don’t need to keep pushing. There are many wonderful things ahead but you’ll have to make a hell of a sacrifice to get there. You are almost there. Don’t give up.


You get set up and you get knocked down. You don’t have any trouble picking yourself back up and getting started again. Things heat up on the romantic front – even though some people are saying what they don’t mean and sending mixed messages. Keep things fresh by any means necessary.


A part of you has been no doubt broken. But you’re on the mend. You can tell because progress is being made on the home front and at work. Certain things can’t be faced without real healing. Your heart can heal up good as new. It’s a remarkable muscle.


The changing weather has an impact on your mood lately. You aren’t really sure which end is up. So many different opinions about which way you should go. Your heart is really your best advisor when it comes to making a life-changing decision.


Don’t act without thinking things through completely and getting input from someone you admire. You have been aching for some renovation on the inside and out. But if you change too much you’ll forget who you really are and what you came here for.


You will get challenged in a way you never expected when a friend from your past turns up. Suddenly, you are too many people’s best friend. Look for an alternate way of being. You are connected to a family that still needs you. Be there for them.


Your frustration mounts as you see an un-winnable situation unfold before your eyes. There are too many out clauses. Too many mixed messages. People aren’t who they say they are. You know what you want and what you need. It is within arm’s length. You don’t need a plane ticket for that.


Your plans for the future are greatly disrupted when someone imposes on your fragile existence. You can barely hold yourself up and can’t really handle taking on someone else’s multiple problems. All of this will iron itself out when push comes to shove. You still have to keep your eye on the prize.


You have options available to you that weren’t there before. When you find a good friend and companion, do whatever it takes to make that work. Sometimes it’s only a matter of sticking things out, come what may. You feel pleased when someone hands you a golden ticket. You want to share the wealth.


Changes are coming. You’re experiencing a great burst of creativity. Some of it will stick and some of it won’t. But you’re on to something. Don’t stop now. Hard work and courage will finally pay off. You just have one last hurdle to overcome and then you’re home free.

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