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Finally a break in the pattern. It was all starting to seem really old by now. Good thing that other people are more patient. The days are bringing on some questions, more than answers. You don’t understand why certain people always have to show up at exactly the wrong times.


After so much going wrong finally something goes right. A saintly person comes along and seems to make so much good sense and very nearly wipes away the grease left over from your last bad experience. Yippee!


You put the difficult stuff off long enough and now it’s time to pay the piper. Back up and get a running head start. Putting some thought into it is a better idea than winging it. Maybe write down some talking points, pros and cons. You know when you nail it.


Playing detective for the truth has you feeling suspicious up one side and down the other. Where there’s smoke there’s surely fire but that doesn’t mean it’s a wild fire. It could be a very controlled fire where the only things that get burned are what you want to get burned.


Good things come in small packages this week. Bad things come in bigger packages. Check your motives when you feel the sudden need to flee certain situations. Try not to bear a grudge against someone who did you wrong. They chip away at you in a bad way.


Your support net proves invaluable this week. A romantic notion sneaks up on you. Time to try something new or bring back something beloved and old. Your jealousy is going to be the unwanted guest for a few days. A journey is in your immediate future.


You think you want something until you actually get it. You’re not sure what you’re looking for but you’ll know it when you see it. Time is moving by too quickly to get everything done you want to get done. So you’ll have to speed things up.


You are saved just in the nick of time. Don’t let the bad habits sneak back in. You’re amazed at your lack of will power. How hard can it be to simply say no? What is it you really crave? Figure it out and make it happen; the truth is all you have.


Send out an SOS if you’re in trouble but you don’t have a good enough reason to leave. Get help from someone who really knows how to navigate through the problems you’re facing. It isn’t that hard to reach out once you make your mind up.


You get your best ideas when you’re under stress. You have nothing to lose when you give up everything. You get a great reward for hard work done. But it won’t be delivered in the way you think. Don’t be afraid of challenges. Look forward to them, solve them but never take the easy way out.


You are greatly missed by people who needed you. The tender but essential relationships we make are what it’s all about. Those who have let you go or said goodbye to you still wish you were in their lives. Set about repairing burned bridges and forgotten phone numbers.


It’s only been a few weeks but already you’re having a hard time dealing with everything all at once. Just get through it; you won’t remember the bad times. You have so much going for you. Don’t ever let petty creeps get in the way of your achieving your lifelong dreams.

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