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Dude, Where’s Our Constitution?

What has happened to the Bill of Rights? It seems to mean nothing anymore. The current Administration chooses to ignore our rights. One example is the Fourth Amendment. The Fourth Amendment provides us with protection from unreasonable searches and seizures. The Bush Administration has been conducting illegal wiretapping without warrants. Congress is now voting on legislation that allows the President to defy the Constitution by authorizing the NSA to wiretap our phones.

The President also wants to defy international law, namely the Geneva Convention, by authorizing torture. He wants to take away the rights of Habeas Corpus. Some would say that this bill would help to combat terrorism. Interrogations that involve torture usually won’t hold up in court. Also, the new bill would allow anyone to be arrested as a “terrorist,” including ordinary people like you and me. They could be held indefinitely without ever seeing the evidence against them or having a trial.

Our Senators and Representatives have the duty to protect our civil liberties. They took an oath on their first day in office, that said, “I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic…and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.” I challenge our nation’s Congressmembers to uphold their oath to protect the Constitution while voting on these bills.

Christopher Peak

Santa Monica

* * * *

The Santa Monica Police Officers’ Association (SMPOA) is proud to announce the endorsements of Mayor Bob Holbrook, Kevin McKeown and Pam O’Connor for City Council.

After a series of interviews and meetings, the SMPOA has selected these candidates for their commitment to Public Safety. As councilmembers, Mayor Bob Holbrook, Kevin McKeown and Pam O’Connor have been supportive of the members of the Santa Monica Police Officers’ Association in reducing crime. The City of Santa Monica has seen crime reduced for the past 11 of 12 years. Violent crime statistics for the year 2005 showed that it was the lowest crime year on record. The City of Santa Monica has not seen this low of a crime rate since records started to be maintained in 1956.

Track records show that Mayor Bob Holbrook, Kevin McKeown and Pam O’Connor will continue to give the Police Department the tools it needs to deal with terrorism, gang violence, substance abuse and overall crime and quality of life issues.

These candidates have shown that they have the experience needed to deal with the wide variety of issues facing our community.

The Santa Monica Police Officers’ Association also endorses Julia Brownley for the 41st Assembly District.

The Santa Monica Police Officers’ Association encourages voters to vote “NO” on measure “Y” – Marijuana Lowest Law Enforcement Priority Ordinance. Measure “Y” is an ordinance that will not allow the Police Department to provide the level of service that the community has come to expect and receive from the Santa Monica Police Department. This ordinance will prevent the police from responding to a call of individuals smoking marijuana inside a residence until all barking dog calls, parking calls and report calls have been handled. Do not give legal cover to drug dealers growing, delivering or selling large quantities of drugs. Vote “NO” on “Y”.

Jay Trisler – Chairman

Santa Monica Police Officer’s Association

* * * *

What kind of city lets a three-story house be built in an R2 zone? What kind of a city gives a permit for a subterranean garage to be dug in pure sand on a 25’ lot? Subsequent damage to adjacent houses has been considerable. The demolished public sidewalk has been replaced with broken plyboard. How can this be permitted? What kind of city allows a wall to be built on the property line with 24” between house and wall? How does the fire department get firefighting equipment onto the properties?

These questions have been submitted to the Santa Monica Building and Safety Department, but “everything is up to code” is the answer. Something is not right here. Just who does this code protect? Certainly not the citizens.

Dorothy Thatcher

Santa Monica

* * * *

This letter is in response to Paul Cummins article (Canned Hunts and the Winner Is…) Sept.28, 2006

As I view this world, I agree with Paul 100 percent about the training of men and boys in societies, “testosterone-driven, id-controlled, capitalistic-motivated, male-dominated selves,” etc. He says he “does not know how to conclude his article on a hopeful note.”

He says: “Sadly, women don’t run the world.”

There is a simple answer – simple to understand, but difficult to put into practice.


We need to live by the “feminine principle.” As I read the Bible, and watch politics, I am more than completely baffled by what I see and read. It seems impossible to believe that human beings want to destroy people’s lives and create havoc everywhere they go, simply for money, power and goods. This is NOT PEOPLE – it is MEN. And to destroy cities and towns, people’s living spaces, people’s lives, is unfathomable. And further, in our country, to evict people from their homes so that some very rich person or corporation can make a BIGGER profit than they already have should be illegal.

The screw that is loose is TESTOSTERONE. Satan is the MAN, not the WOMAN.

I have finally understood that the Bible is written for men, that men are sinners, all of them, unless they are “reborn” in the principle of the woman. Of course, the CREATOR is a woman – man cannot create, he is simply the catalyst to the woman’s creation. They are all waiting for Armageddon, and using “human nature” as an excuse for their folly.

So – IF WE SURVIVE, perhaps it will be because of the return of the GODDESS.

There is no such thing as “penis envy” – more properly, it is the male desire to “return to the womb,” if anything. Women find men disgusting in part, unless such men have raised their consciousness to that of a woman. I think the Bible’s discussion of being “reborn” is, in actuality, becoming more like a woman. The problem men have with “gay” men is that they are more like women – more sensitive, more loving and giving, more understanding and definitely less violent.

I see no hope for this world as long as we live according to principles of wrath, violence and war. Maybe after the Armageddon, perhaps women will rule again. To this thought, the best person to run for president is – you guessed it – Oprah Winfrey. She would not even have to join a political party, but be completely independent. She has more followers across the United States than any other person alive today.



Susan Weinberg, artist

Santa Monica

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