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Farmer’s Market Report: An Interview With Ted Galvan

As magical as the Santa Monica Farmers’ Markets are, a lot of hard work goes into putting them together each week, and the market managers deserve a lot of credit.  Ted Galvan, otherwise known as The Godfather of the Pico Market, manages the Saturday Pico market, and works at the Wednesday market, too.  Here is everything you ever wanted to know about Ted Galvan, but were afraid to ask.  Be sure to say hello to Ted next time you see him at the market and tell him how much you enjoyed reading about him!

 Mirror: Hi, Ted.  What interested you about managing the Pico Farmers’ Market?

Ted Galvan: I was in the restaurant business for twenty-five years.  I owned a restaurant in the original Farmers’ Market in West Hollywood, Castillo’s Spanish Kitchen.  My family also owned Hacienda Galvan.  I sold my business in 1990.  I was retired for two years and going out of my mind.  I saw an ad for a bilingual Farmers’ Market manager and started in February of 1992.

 Mirror: What is your favorite part of managing a Farmers’ Market?

TG:  I look forward to Wednesdays and Saturdays.  I love dealing with the farmers.  I enjoy the farmers and what they bring to the market.  I love the change in seasons and the change in produce.

 Mirror: What is your favorite seasonal item at the market right now?

TG: I love autumn when the leaves change.  I love the change in colors and the flowers at the market now.

 Mirror: What is the most difficult aspect of managing a farmers’ market?

TG: It is very difficult when a farmer doesn’t show up and doesn’t notify you.  It is challenging to fill in their spot.

 Mirror: You are surrounded by fresh produce all the time.  What is your favorite food?

TG: Anything my wife cooks!

 Mirror: I know you cook, too.  What’s your specialty?

TG: Enchilada pie or chile relleno pie.

 Mirror:  Yum. Tell us something about you that most people don’t know.

TG: I come from a large family; I am one of fourteen kids.  I was born in Mexico and raised in the Virginia Park neighborhood.

 Mirror: Ted, if you could be any fruit or vegetable, what would you be?

TG: An avocado.  I love to make good guacamole.

 Mirror: Would you be tempted to eat yourself?

TG: No, I wouldn’t be that hungry.

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