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Go public with your immediate desires. Don’t keep secrets if you don’t have to. Things are changing faster than you can keep up with them. You get yourself in a pickle when you discover you don’t have as much time as you thought you did. Make sure you have your ducks in a row.


There are so many different ways to peel an onion – each layer brings up different questions. When you answer, make sure to always take others’ opinions into account before you simply blurt it out. Give a little more, get a lot more.


Discover what you haven’t yet uncapped. The potential locked inside you will blow your mind. You meet someone who throws you off your tracks for a while. Your craving different eyes to gaze upon you – you’re craving to feel like a different person.


Doing something outside yourself – extending your reach beyond your little orb is what you need to get through the blue moods. When you find yourself in an emergency situation you’ll be stunned at what you’re capable of doing. It is never easy to step over the line but sometimes necessary.


New stages of your life involve expanding your influence, opening your contact to people you’ve lost touch with and finding your own new voice for expression. You are amazed at what is coming your way. Romance will be in the air over the weekend.


You’ll be looking for an ally this week as you find yourself at odds with someone who matters greatly to you. You will be searching hard for a way out when things get too hectic at home. You will be wondering why things fell apart just when they shouldn’t have. So many questions.


A discovery has you feeling excited about the future. You see many open doors ready for you to walk through. You know you can’t sit idle any longer. Things change; people change. We all must adjust, grow and move on. Don’t suck it up and deal any longer.


You must re-organize your life in order to make your free time more productive. When is it that you zone out and waste precious time? You feel anxiety at not doing more when you are capable of it.


Your hope is raised when you get some good medical news. You must stop resisting doing the thing you absolutely can’t stand doing. Just do it. Just get it done. The more you run away the faster these chores will run after you. And stop taking on other people’s problems.


You are certain that you know almost everything. But you couldn’t possibly know everything; it’s a very big world. You know the tiniest part of it. Free yourself from the need to be more than you are. What you bring to the table is of much more value because it is authentically you.


Searching hidden places for the treasure isn’t as fruitful as looking in obvious places. You feel luckier than ever now that you have a footing on who you are and what you want. You realize you are halfway there already. Kick-start your health program ASAP.


You have to get a better footing on your life to save yourself from those middle of the night freak-outs. No one likes to know they are dangling off the edge of the earth with no ground underneath. You have built a house of cards but it’s not irreversible. Don’t give up hope. Believe in yourself; you can do anything.

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