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Partnership will get you through the hard times.  Being trusting opens you up to a world of possibilities.  Grow young with age.  So much more is left to do before you can wrap things up and say goodbye.  It’s important to remember who’s been kind to you.



Your time is backing you up against a wall – that’s why it’s hard to keep track of everything; you are still trying to catch up with your regular relaxation time.  Without that, everything else gets out of whack.  You will get an unexpected windfall that will open up your choices significantly. 



Explain yourself carefully and leave no room for error.  People are going to try to misinterpret what you say.  Stay on the right side with no regrets.  You have to put yourself out there in order to take giant leaps.  You can’t hide from reality nor can you run from it.  Face it square on, for better or worse.



Once your filter is gone, you feel freer to say and do as you please.  You aren’t ready to give up the driver’s seat.  You aren’t ready to move on.  Unfinished business must be sorted through.  Things that dangle must be severed or sewn. 


Leo                                                                                   You feel a certain sense of responsibility and some guilt around a family issue.  There are many ways around a pothole without falling in.  You feel like you’ve been abandoned because if the main connection isn’t there you feel lost.  But there are other, more important connections you’re overlooking.



The lines get blurred and you find yourself filling in for someone who’s slacking off.  If you get repaid for your kindness, go for it.  Otherwise, rethink how much time you’re devoting.  You get treated kindly by someone who really doesn’t have to.  And that makes all the difference.



You have a loyal, trusted following.  Clear out old memories by liberating your closet.  Get rid of all of the old stuff you will never wear.  Throw away old files you don’t need.  Put your valuables somewhere safe.  The less you have to worry about, the better.



You have to know whom to look out for.  You need to be loud and get mad sometimes.  You don’t always have to be “perfect” or together; you can lose it.  You have every right to lose it, in fact.  So wear your imperfections proudly.



You have a journey coming up and must look at it as a new beginning and an ending.  You’re closing doors; but you’re also waiting for new ones to open.  The universe brightens for you over the weekend.  You feel true happiness.



Your stubborn streak has you in moments of anger that just aren’t going to make things better but are going to, in fact, make them 10 times worse.  Well-meaning suggestions from others don’t really help.  But you have to be accountable for what you’ve done.  You can’t mess up your most important job.



Your skills will be in demand in the near future.  Don’t waste your time anymore; you don’t have time to spare.  One person’s pleasure is another’s poison.  Forgetting what we truly desire may be the key to long-term happiness. Getting rid of addictions will set you free.



You’re putting into practice what you’ve learned lately – that hard work is the only thing that pays off.  Luck will let you down; it’s a temporary fling. But devotion and sacrifice and work are the real deals.  But you have to give up the idea that you are free to do what you want; you aren’t.  You have important obligations.

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