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Laura Wilde

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Varying your workload will help cut down on the pressure a bit. You aren’t finished with some business regarding an ex and that will be foremost on your mind. You fear retribution with something bold you said recently. Stick to your guns.


Your anger reaches an all-time high as you feel pushed too hard in too many different directions. But you stand strong, knowing that it will get better before it gets worse. You can’t please everyone and a person can only do so much. You just don’t have enough time to fit it all in. Be more selective.


Just short of a major disaster, you manage to avert just enough to keep everything running smoothly. As you juggle all those balls in the air you never lose focus because you know it will all come tumbling down if you do. You don’t have much longer at this pace.


You have an admirer staying close by your side. It’s nice to have a support net. You do an about-face regarding a financial matter. You must dig down deep to figure out what your motives were when you acted out of character recently. Silence and relaxation will help you get there.


No amount of pressure will help you get through this difficult time. You need more understanding, more calm, less stress. As activities mount and the pressure gets flipped up a notch, you turn to those you can most trust for advice. Things ease up a bit over the weekend and then smooth sailing.


On top of everything else, you must contend with an old friend who is going through something pretty severe. Do what you can to protect them but don’t lose sight of what it is that’s most important to you right now: loyalty. You get a jolt of positive vibes tossed your way on Saturday.


Time to pamper and adore yourself. Do not feel like you have to put your needs so far on the backburner you don’t have time to do the basics, like energizing, cleansing, moving your body. You are entitled to these things or else you will fall back into old patterns.


It’s a good time to start cleaning out to make way for the new. Take a look around and ask yourself if there is anything you really need. Can you get rid of anything to make your life more pleasant? It is easy to rid yourself of “things” when you remember what’s more important.


Although it seems a bit confusing at first, you have all kinds of reasons to make the big change you’ve been thinking of. You know when it feels right and when it starts to chafe. Hold on tightly that there is more good coming your way than bad. You’re on the right path now.


You are too stubborn and prideful for your own good much of the time. You want people to pay for how much you’ve suffered so you never give an inch. When you think about it rationally, what good does this ultimately do you? It only gives you more anxiety. Is it so important to win, really?


On the horizon, many a great opportunities are lurking. But a part of you can’t give up the idea that all of the good days, your best days, are behind you. It isn’t true, though you won’t really be able to accept it until these days are your past. Take it on faith: you have so much more waiting for you it will blow your mind.


Don’t neglect the opportunities you have right out in front of you. When you find yourself in panic/desperation mode you can’t really twist back out of it – you just freak out and react. Try to be calm and realize it will be okay. You can make this work. It just takes patience and courage and a little bit of sucking it up and dealing.

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