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ONLINE UPDATE- Edward Thomas Management Pulls Attack Ad:

The cable TV ad attacking City Council member and re-election candidate Kevin McKeown has been pulled off the air by its sponsor, Edward Thomas Management Company, owner/operator of Shutters On The Beach hotel and Hotel Casa Del Mar in Santa Monica.

Tim McAlevey, the man featured on the ad, who said the commercial unfairly edits his statements and misrepresents his views, attended a McKeown fund-raising event Thursday evening, October 26, where he said that the videographer who shot the tape in Palisades Park, Geoff Milar, told him by telephone that the ad was being pulled.

Seth Jacobson, spokesman for the hotel company, confirmed that it had discontinued broadcasting the ad featuring McAlevey “because it was distracting from the [company’s] message,” but said that two other TV commercials sponsored by the company will continue to be aired.

Jacobson had also told the Mirror Wednesday morning, October 25, that Edward Thomas Management Company would that afternoon release a complete chronological transcript of the session with McAlevey that would “bear out” the message on the commercial and that the company would send a copy electronically to the Mirror.  As of noon Friday, October 27, no transcript had been received.

Thursday night, McAlevey left the McKeown campaign event carrying a yard sign for the candidate.

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