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Our Apologies:

In last week’s APB, there was an item about a pedestrian hit by a car. 

We at the Mirror in no way meant to make light of the situation, by asking the question, “Why would the police issue a press release concerning such an incident unless a celebrity was involved?”  Our police reporter felt it was an honest question, since rarely are press releases issued for this type of accident.

We never find it amusing when anyone in the community is hurt in any fashion, including being hit by automobiles.  It turns out the pedestrian, Jeanette Hicks, was killed by the accident, something we did not know as of press time.  Our sympathies go out to Ms. Hicks’ family, friends and neighbors.

We feel very strongly about the cell phone bill, and even though we don’t know if a cell phone was involved in this tragic accident, we believe it will prevent many possible future injuries and deaths.

We at the Mirror always try our best to get it right, but sometimes we don’t.

Laurie Rosenthal, Editor

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