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Television: Bringing Back CSI

Now that Grey’s Anatomy has moved to Thursdays, up against CSI, it’s handily trouncing the popular crime show every week. It’s true that Grey’s Anatomy is a must-see event these days. It’s as hot as ever, if not more so. But both shows could use a swift kick in the rear to shake things up.

CSI in particular seems to be stuck in a rut. Working from the position of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” CSI has all but dumped its character development, choosing instead to go through one deadly scenario after the next. The show’s writers are missing what made it so great, and what turned many of us into devoted followers: the depth of its characters.

Grissom used to be a scientist who couldn’t love and was going deaf. Now, he wanders around on autopilot just doing his job. Catherine just went through several traumatizing events, like the murder of her father right in front her, being drugged and raped and her child being kidnapped. Now, she’s just going on as if nothing ever happened. What we liked about these characters is that they had ongoing struggles – like Catherine not being home for her daughter enough. There used to be power struggles on the job – doubts about job performance and the seeds of potential romance. Now, there’s nothing going on except the crimes. It’s become quite dull.

By the same token, Grey’s Anatomy seems like it’s playing the same tune over and over again as well with the McDreamy/Meredith storyline. Sure, there are other players going through their own push me/pull you game, and there was Denny’s death to take up a few episodes, but overall, it’s boy gets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl back, boy loses girl again, and on and on until the final episode where the series will come to its earth-shattering end – will Meredith and McDreamy end up together? Of course they will!

In order for CSI to overtake Grey’s, all they have to do is add a little sexual heat. An illicit, inter-office romance needs to take seed. But the sex will have to turn to love, great love, epic love, McDreamy/Meredith love. You can’t have a top show these days without one of those. That’s just how simple-minded and easy to predict we TV-watching humans are. We’re easy to please. Just give us a good love story and we’ll watch all of the junk you want to throw at us.

Amid much hoopla, Grissom and Sara were shown together in an intimate bedroom setting at the end of last season. There was the accusation that they only did that to compete with Grey’s. But, hey, I may be wrong, but it seems to me you have to have a little more than that to get people to want to watch the show. We need to see some kind of tryst in the lab, the way Meredith and McDreamy found their way into an exam room. (P.S. I don’t know about you, but the last place I’d want to end up as a patient would be Seattle Grace.)

Strangely enough, CSI fans are nutso about this Sara and Grissom thing. There is even a website dedicated to their romance, www.grissomsararomance.com. Everyone wants to see them together but they’re going to have to turn the heat WAY up on that one. For my money, I’d much rather see Catherine get together with someone like Warrick or Nick. She’s the one who really seems to be in need of someone to love.

Either way, CSI and Grey’s – game on! May the best couple win.

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