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There Are Just Twelve Days Until Election Time:

On the national front, it is quite interesting to see the potential of a Republican meltdown that may just mean a Democratic House and possibly a Democratic Senate. That might make things a bit different. Will the Democrats replace Nancy Pelosi? I thought so at first, but after seeing her call the Republican house majority an ongoing criminal enterprise on 60 Minutes I started to think better of her. I also think they should put Hillary Clinton in charge of the Senate, where I understand both sides of the aisle have respect for her. Democrats have saddened me before, but it is enough of these far right Republicans. Be gone with them.

On the home front, I am seeing a lot of action from City Council candidates Kevin McKeown, Robert Holbrook and Terry O’Day. The Edward Thomas Company, owners of Casa Del Mar and Shutters, of course are attacking McKeown. Not unexpected, since McKeown has always swayed away from overdeveloping the beach and fought against them in the “battle of the living wage” a few years aback. I respect our local voters to get this right when the time comes. Let’s not forget the Edward Thomas companies own both the lot on Pico and Ocean and also want to develop the lot just south of the Casa Del Mar property. There is gold in them thar hills, and maybe, just maybe, Mr. McKeown is getting in their way. I could not help but chuckle when they say McKeown has cost their “family business” lots of money. Any of you have a reported half a million dollars to spend on an election campaign? That you are not running in. And that is just the beginning.

Holbrook has been out and about, raising money and making the usual go of it. O’Day too, who as a newcomer to City Council races, has shown remarkable resilience in getting money raised and getting some interesting endorsements including those from the Chamber of Commerce and the environmental community. Now that’s unusual. The other two primary contenders, Gleam Davis and Pam O’Connor, have not been making much of a ruckus. Could it be an all-male winning slate? Let’s see if SMRR and Democratic voters show up. If they do – and with the Democrats making a push this year, they should – O’Day and Holbrook could be pushed out. I still have a week to provide an endorsement and my own two-cent prediction.

In regards to the SMC College Board, it should be duly noted that three incumbents are retiring or leaving the board. Herbert Roney and Dorothy Ehrhart-Morrison depart after 12 years, and Carole Curry leaves after serving 27 years. All have put in many hours and years of their lives in working to make Santa Monica College a great school. My hat is off to all of them.

SMRR took a strong stand in this year’s board race, endorsing incumbent Board Chair Nancy Greenstein, David Finkel, Louise Jaffe, the founder of CEPS, and Andrew Walzer.

Opposing them will be Tom Donner and newcomer Kim Bracke. Donner, who has extensive experience as the former interim president of the college, would bring some balance to the board. Greenstein, Finkel and Jaffe all have good name recognition in town and will probably be elected.

Of the bunch, only Tom Donner has had attack ads placed against him, mostly for his role in negotiating hard bargain deals against unions.

So why do people use negative ads? Because they work. Raising a candidate’s negatives may give just enough people some reason to vote away from that person. Donner’s name recognition will probably help him persevere, and the Edward Thomas Companies’ attacks against McKeown are old hat and have not proven effective. His more serious concerns are Holbrook and O’Day.

For Governor of California

The Mirror endorses Arnold Schwarzenegger. There, you have it. I was most impressed with Arnold when they asked him if he had made any mistakes as governor. He said yes, and that the voters spoke to him (and his wife too, I have a hunch) after the ballot proposition losses last year. He claimed the propositions were all good measures, but the voters were not ready for them. Instead, he learned he needed to work closer with the Assembly and Senate and get things done that way. It looks to me like they are doing just that, and he is pulling the Republican Party to the middle. All good news. And by the way, not ALL members of the Santa Monica Mirror necessarily endorse Schwarzenegger. The others can and may speak for themselves.

Am I upset with him over his support of Bush? Yeah, I think that stunk. But I am into forgiveness. Besides, I heard his wife gave it to him on that one, so what could I possibly do? In this town to vote against a Democrat is near to sacrilege, but I bet Maria will vote for him, and that’s a Democrat with a capital D.

Regarding Angelides

Sorry, he can’t hold a candle to this guy. I recall being at a Michael Milken State of California session a few years back, and Angelides as the State Treasurer said we had a large bonding capacity we had not used up and it would be good to use for jobs. This year I hear him say we should never have spent all that bond money. Huh? Sorry, Phil, not this year.

It should be noted that I am not registered with any party. I was a Democrat for years, then a Green Party member, and when I started the paper I became Independent. I noticed in some polls that nearly 30 percent of voters now choose to see themselves that way. I only wish more Greens would get elected to some positions so we could have a multiparty democracy. I am not a big fan of our two big giant parties. Which does bring me to Peter Camejo, the Green Party candidate for Governor. He has a lot of the right things to say and his positions are sound on many matters, so if you can’t vote for Schwarzenegger or Angelides give Camejo a vote.

Let’s show people we give a heck. VOTE. Heck, get your wife or husband or kids to vote. Let’s see if we can’t get a BIG turnout this year in Santa Monica.

Michael Rosenthal


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