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Your fears will be allayed once you get a better picture of what it’s going to be like. Don’t lose all of the ground you’ve gained. You have too much to let it go now. Search for better people to spend your precious time with. You are close to the end of an important relationship.


Watch the motives of someone you come in contact with every day. Have you noticed lately that people seem to be looking at you more? It’s because you are glowing from within. But you’re still allowed to put up boundaries. Don’t let people take advantage of you.


You’re working hard and trying to do your best but there is a kind of disconnect happening between your work and your spiritual life. Some kind of transitional experience is going to have to take place so that you can get rid of the negativity. Physical exercise is a requirement.


If you push everything until the last minute you won’t have time to catch up. Take the advice of someone who knows you well. Stop resisting. You can’t stress yourself out without it taking its toll on your appearance. Wake up from within.


You don’t have much time to get things on the straight and narrow. You welcome the change of management in your professional life and feel up to the challenge when things drastically change. Figure yourself among the lucky ones when it comes to having freedom.


Don’t lose faith in your family or your fellow man. Just because a few missteps have you in an awkward place you can still keep your chin up and take responsibility for your side of it. Laying blame only postpones the inevitable.


Manage your time better by pushing up those things you have to do immediately. When all of the hard stuff is out of the way, you can relax longer. It’s all about channeling peace. You get back what you lost and then some.


The world throws some strange stuff your way this week. You’ll deal with it in your own time. Don’t underestimate your abilities to multi-task. You can do it all. You will do better to be in a routine for the next phase of your working life.


There is something about returning to your old world that reminds you what you used to be and how much you loved it. On the other hand, wisdom is a great thing. Life is good for you right now. You are leading a charmed life.


It doesn’t take you long to decide that you want to make a major life change. You won’t be able to make the decision on your own – it will require you to consult with a professional. But once you take those steps, your path will be clear.


You feel the need to get closure on a certain event that seems like it’s been left hanging. What you do from here shouldn’t be so difficult but should flow easily and organically from your love life and your relationships with others. Selfless caring is the way to go.


You can easily slip back into bad habits. Don’t let yourself weaken when you’ve been so strong. You have to keep going in the right direction and it isn’t going to be easy. You are on the right track, though, and have lots of good things headed your way, and perhaps lots of money.

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